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Mama's Diary - 1961


     Sunday    01-Jan-61

Beginning this New Year 1961, may we live better and achieve something worthwhile.  Ray, James, Lloyd left for a quail hunt near San Saba Tex.  Rita, Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's, all the family were there, but Bernice & Herman.  J.T., Mildred & I went to Jewel's in Henderson for New Year dinner.


     Monday    02-Jan-61

Rita, Kathy and I went with Mildred to see the movie, "Sunrise at Campabello".  Seems lonely here with Ray gone.


     Tuesday   03-Jan-61

Rita went back to work and Kathy to school.  Mildred & I went to see Granny Screws.  Cold & clear weather.


    Wednesday 04-Jan-61

Nell & Charles came to get my washing machine.  A beautiful day.  Mrs Dessie Manes is very ill.


    Thursday  05-Jan-61

Lloyd & James came in from hunt today.


    Friday    06-Jan-61

Mrs Dessie died today.  Raining.


    Saturday  07-Jan-61

Rita had to work till noon.  James, Dot & Kay came by from Marshall.  Ray & Clifton came in.  Killed lots of birds & some deer.  Raining - Kathy & I played Scrabble.


    Sunday    08-Jan-61

Rita is sick with cold, we didn't go to Church.  James, Dot, Kay, J.T. & Mildred ate quail with us tonight.  James, Dot & Kay spent the night.


    Monday    09-Jan-61

Rita worked till noon, went to Dr. & came home.  James & Dot went to Ft. Hood.


    Tuesday   10-Jan-61

Mildred & I went to Henderson, ate dinner with Jewel.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy & lynn came by.  Rita went to Dr. with them. James came & Ray went to Tenaha with him.  Lloyd came for his dog.


    Wednesday 11-Jan-61

James & Dot moved to Belton today.  Mattie, Frank, Margie, Cindy & Mark came tonight.  Rita worked today.


    Thursday  12-Jan-61

Raining again.  Eddie ironed & cleaned house.


    Friday    13-Jan-61

Rita stayed home today.


    Saturday  14-Jan-61

Rita went to Dr.  Kathy & I went to town.  Uncle Luther, Norman & Herbert Dove came to see us.  Mr Willie Copeland died.


    Sunday    15-Jan-61

We stayed home all day.  Mr Kennedy & Herman came by.  Denis, Wilma & Gladys came by from the funeral.  Kathy & I played Scrabble.  She made cookies.  J.T. & Mildred came tonight for a few minutes.


    Monday    16-Jan-61

Rita feels better and went to work.  Warm & pretty.  I raked leaves in yard.  Kathy is taking six week test.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Gail, Lynn and Jean Martin came tonight.


    Tuesday   17-Jan-61

Still pretty, warm weather.  Cut out my dress.  Rita got a permanent after work.


    Wednesday 18-Jan-61

Mildred came from Jean's.  Got my dress nearly done.  James is 43 years old today.


    Thursday  19-Jan-61

Turned cold.  Eddie ironed & cleaned house.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Gail & Lynn went to Dallas.


    Friday    20-Jan-61

Rita & I went to Longview for eye check up.  Her eyes were alright.  I need one new lens.  We ate dinner with Mildred. Real cold today.  Drew gave Rita tickets to the Lion's Minstrel Show.  It was interesting, especially the music & singing.  Ray was too tired to go.


(In the inside cover of the diary Mama wrote the following dated January 20, 1961.)


We have a new president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  He is at once the most powerful single personage in the world.  He leads the destiny of the greatest nation the world has ever known - My country and yours.  He comes into this place of power and great responsibility as the head of a Christian nation that opposes the atheist doctrine that man is a slave and that his existence ends with death.  He is my president and yours and he merits our best efforts in his behalf; and most certainly our prayers.  We are commanded in the Holy Writ to pray for those in authority and certainly the president needs the spiritual power that comes from the prayers of people.  We make no apology for injecting a religious attitude into a discussion of national affairs. The greatest problem confronting the world is whether God or evil shall rule the affairs of men.  Our president leads the nation, which offers the solution.  He needs divine guidance, he needs your support and mine.


     "Youth is not a time of Life, it is a state of mind.  It is not a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a temper of will - equality of imagination, vigor of emotions.  Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years - people grow old only by deserting ideals.  Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair - these are the long years that bow the heart and turn the greening spirit back to dust.  Whether 60 or 16 there is in every human being's heart the lure of wonder, the challenge of events, the unfailing child like appetite for what next and the joy of the game of living.  We are as young as our self confidence, as old as our fear, as young as our desire, as old as our despair." Anonymous


    Saturday  21-Jan-61

Rita worked till noon.  Kathy & I washed and cleaned up the house.  Mildred came, they have no gas.  Mr & Mrs Joe Garner, Mr & Mrs Jack Salters, Drew , Virginia, Charley & Ann camefor a quail supper.  Is real cold, will be 18 tonight.


    Sunday    22-Jan-61

We got up late and was so cold, didn't go to church.  John Woods & Bill Langley came by.  Lynn is leaving today, flying from Dallas to Germany for a tour of duty with Army.


    Monday    23-Jan-61

A beautiful warm day.  Mildred & I went to a turnip patch and got greens.  Raked more leaves.


    Tuesday   24-Jan-61

Raining, ate dinner with Mildred, is turning real cold.


    Wednesday 25-Jan-61

This morning it is 20, roads are icy.  Kay Redmond came home with Kathy.


    Thursday  26-Jan-61

Still very cold, no school because of weather, but sun is shining.  Kathy, Cynthia & Lynn are playing.


    Friday    27-Jan-61

Still cold.  Eddie came to iron.  Mildred brought letters from Kate & Jewel.  Got a letter from Nell.  John Tom is sick.  Kathy went to Kay's birthday party after school.


    Saturday  28-Jan-61

Snowing this morning, it is beautiful, but cold.  Ray carried Rita to Dr.


    Sunday    29-Jan-61

Still cold, stayed home, no company till evening, Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Gail, Sue, Don & baby came.


    Monday    30-Jan-61

A pretty day, did a big washing.


    Tuesday   31-Jan-61

Went to town with Mildred & J.T., he had to go back to Dr.


    Wednesday 01-Feb-61

A warm, nice day, Mildred came awhile.  Cooked a pineapple cake.


    Thursday  02-Feb-61

Turned cooler.




    Friday    03-Feb-61

 A nice day, made Kathy a blouse.  She and Cynthia are playing.


    Saturday  04-Feb-61

Ray went to Tyler, Rita worked most of the day.  Jean & Janie are playing with Kathy.  Got a birthday card from Kate and a gift from Ray, Rita & Kathy.


    Sunday    05-Feb-61

A cold cloudy day.  We went to church.  After dinner Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's.  Lloyd came, brought me a dress for my birthday.


    Monday    06-Feb-61

Cold - no news.


    Tuesday   07-Feb-61

Cold and raining - ate dinner with Mildred.


    Wednesday 08-Feb-61

A pretty day.  Eddie ironed & cleaned house.  A letter from Bo.


    Thursday  09-Feb-61

Rita went to hospital this morning for Dr Smith to remove her tonsils.  Ray didn't work.  Mildred went to Marshall, Kathy and I are alone tonight and lonesome.


    Friday    10-Feb-61

Mildred & I went to see Rita, bought groceries and went to Minnie Pearl's. Kathy is spending the night with Betty Denton, Ray is with Rita and I am alone.


    Saturday  11-Feb-61

Kathy came home after dinner, Ray is feeling very bad.


    Sunday    12-Feb-61

Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Gail, Sue, Don, Randy, Junior, Joyce & children came.  Rita is home.  Mildred & I went to Bonnie's and checked on my things at home.  Mr & Mrs Flood came.


    Monday    13-Feb-61

I have such a headache, Mildred took me to see Dr Smith. Glassell Redmond family came to see Rita.


    Tuesday   14-Feb-61

Mildred & I went to Jewel's, Roy & Bonnie were there for awhile.  Becky Propes & Mrs Powell came to see Rita.  Naomi Stone Moore was buried in Houston.  Is warm & beautiful weather.


    Wednesday 15-Feb-61

Mr & Mrs Kennedy came & he went fishing, got enough for our supper.


    Thursday  16-Feb-61

Today Pat is 32 years old.  Rita & I went to town, she saw Dr Smith.  Feeling better now.  Is warm and raining some.


    Saturday  18-Feb-61

Rita worked this morning.  Bo, Mary & boys came.  James came, he & Bo went to Murval fishing.  Dorothy, Kay & Beverly came.


    Sunday    19-Feb-61

James & family, Bo, Mary & boys, Nell, Charles and kids were all here.  Rita cooked a nice dinner, barbecued venison etc. J.T. & Mildred came awhile.


    Monday    20-Feb-61

Mildred & I went to town to match our "crazy" numbers, but didn't get anything.  Cold and raining, Ray didn't work.


    Tuesday   21-Feb-61

Ray got a finger broke today, came home about 11 O'clock- raining.


    Wednesday 22-Feb-61

The sun came out today, Eddie washed and ironed.  Ray went to have his finger dressed.  J.T. & Mildred came tonight.


    Thursday  23-Feb-61

A beautiful but windy day.  I made a pecan pie for supper. Kathy has a sore throat but is skating with Cynthia.


    Friday    24-Feb-61

Cold & raining.  Ray is working again.


    Saturday  25-Feb-61

Rita had to work this morning.  Kathy is in a piano recital this morning.  Cold but clear.  We went up to Mrs Kennedy's awhile.  Kathy spent the night.


    Sunday    26-Feb-61

We stayed home all day, no company.  John Tom entered hospital.  Ray, Rita & Kathy visited Oscar & Edith.


    Monday    27-Feb-61

I spent last night with Mildred.  Rained a little.


    Tuesday   28-Feb-61

Turned cooler and sun is shining.  I stayed with Mildred again last night.


    Wednesday 01-Mar-61

A warm pretty day.  J. T. is still in hospital.


    Thursday  02-Mar-61

J.T. came home today.  Eddie & I walked up to Mr Screws and got turnip greens.  Rita, Kathy & I are going to see "Carousel" tonight at high school.


    Friday    03-Mar-61

No news or letters - Judy Boyd is spending tonight with Kathy - I cooked a coconut cake.


    Saturday  04-Mar-61

Rita worked this morning.  Kathy, Judy and Cynthia had a picnic lunch.  Ray came home at noon.  Kathy & I played Scrabble tonight.


    Sunday    05-Mar-61

A lovely spring day.  We went to Mrs Kennedy's awhile this morning.  Ruth, Billie Jean & Jap were there.  Lloyd & Mildred came after dinner.  Kathy visited Jean & Janie.


    Monday    06-Mar-61

Such a nice day, red buds & jonquils are blooming.  Travis stopped to see us this morning.  Mildred came to get some pine straw.  Real warm - 83


    Tuesday   07-Mar-61

Mildred & I went to Jewels today, and to town awhile.  Came a big rain.  Mr Flood's mother passed away.


    Wednesday 08-Mar-61

Cold & windy today.  No news.


    Thursday  09-Mar-61

No news.


    Friday    10-Mar-61

Mr & Mrs Kennedy came, he went fishing, she & I went with Mildred to get turnip greens.  Pat, Paul & children came to spend the night.  Michael & Mamie's son was born today.


    Saturday  11-Mar-61

Rita didn't have to work, we all went out in the woods, got some red bud trees to set out.  Ray & Rita are eating out with John & Jimmie.  Kathy & I had fish for supper & played Scrabble.  Pat went home.


    Sunday    12-Mar-61

Bo, Sister & Terry came about 8 O'clock.  Kathy & I went with them to Nell's.  Stopped at Marshall to see Mamie & baby. Rita cooked supper for us.


    Monday    13-Mar-61

I went to Dr Smith for check up.


    Tuesday   14-Mar-61

Mildred & I went to see Aunt Fannie..  Is beautiful weather.


    Wednesday 15-Mar-61

Eddie & I defrosted the freezer.  Mildred & I went up home and got some flowers.  Bro. Crawford came for a few minutes.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy & Mrs Holman went fishing at the lake.


    Thursday  16-Mar-61

Mr Wilson, Mr Trant, Mr Crutchfield & Mr Harris from Tyler, & J.T. & Mildred came for a quail supper tonight.  Raining. David Thomas Jones was born.


    Friday    17-Mar-61

A dark, rainy day.  Kathy went home with Kay Redmond.  Randy is 15 yrs old today.


    Saturday  18-Mar-61

Rita had to work this morning and part of the afternoon.  Mr. K., Junior & Herman are fishing in the lake.


    Sunday    19-Mar-61

We went to church and ate dinner with J.T. & Mildred.  Rita & Kathy went to her Mother's.


    Tuesday   21-Mar-61

Mildred & I went to Marshall, hurt my back & sprained my foot.


    Sunday    26-Mar-61

Went to the hospital today.


    Friday    31-Mar-61

Kate came today.


    Saturday  01-Apr-61

Came home from hospital, a beautiful day.


    Sunday    02-Apr-61

Easter Sun.  Nell & family came, also Roy & Bonnie.  Ray, Rita & Kathy went to see Papa & Mama Reynolds at Pittsburg.


    Tuesday   04-Apr-61

Hetty & Thurston came & spent the morning.


    Wednesday 05-Apr-61

Mildred & Kate went to Jewel's.


    Thursday  06-Apr-61

Mildred carried Kate to Shreveport to get a train home.  M. spent the night with Jean.


    Friday    07-Apr-61

I spent today alone, watched TV and read some.  Betty Denton came home with Kathy.  Ray went to barbecue supper.


    Saturday  08-Apr-61

Rita didn't have to work, she started her dress.  Mildred came.


    Sunday    09-Apr-61

Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's - Ray & I watched TV.


    Monday    10-Apr-61

Mildred came, no other news.


    Tuesday   11-Apr-61

Mildred came this evening awhile.  Cold & raining.


    Wednesday 12-Apr-61

No company, no mail.  I feel better now.


    Thursday  13-Apr-61

A pretty day, Eddie ironed & cleaned house.  Mildred came.


    Friday    14-Apr-61

No company, no mail but a pretty day.  Kathy went skating with Cynthia.


    Saturday  15-Apr-61

Rita had to work this morning.  She washed my hair this evening.  Mildred came.


    Sunday    16-Apr-61

We went to Church, then ate at the Dairy Mart.  Rita, Kathy &  Mildred went to see "Ben Hur", a movie.  Ray had to work today.


    Monday    17-Apr-61

A beautiful day.  Mildred came.


    Tuesday   18-Apr-61

Mildred & I went to Bonnie's,  no one home.  Went on to see Betty Waldrop - came back by home.



    Wednesday 19-Apr-61

Cloudy & cool.  Eddie ironed & cleaned house.  Rita wore her new dress.  Kathy is taking her voice lesson.


    Thursday  20-Apr-61

We went to Longview today.


    Friday    21-Apr-61

M. Bess & family came, Nell, Charles, Vicki & Kathy came for dinner - a pretty day.


    Saturday  22-Apr-61

Rita worked this morning, Kathy mowed part of the yard.  A pretty day.


    Sunday    23-Apr-61

Kathy is sick with a cold.  We didn't go to Church.  Today is Kay's 15th birthday.


    Monday    24-Apr-61

We think Kathy may have the mumps.  Mildred came awhile. Real windy & partly cloudy.


    Tuesday   25-Apr-61

Kathy is still sick - is now 5 O'clock, just came a big rain - A card from Dorothy telling of James commendation medal for his work in Turkey.


    Wednesday 26-Apr-61

Rita took Kathy to Dr., she didn't have mumps.


    Thursday  27-Apr-61

I ate dinner with Mildred and we went to town.  Got a letter from Sister.  Kathy went to school - played in Guild.


    Saturday  29-Apr-61

Rita had to work till noon.  She & Ray went with John & Jimmy to Henderson for supper tonight.  Kathy went to see Jimmy's girls.  J.T. & Mildred came.


    Sunday    30-Apr-61

We went to Church.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy came.  I went up to Mildred's with Roy & Bonnie.  Kathy visited Jean & Janie, they picked ripe berries.


    Monday    01-May-61

I started making my dress, looks like rain this evening.


    Tuesday   02-May-61

Today is Ray's 40th birthday.  Rita cooked him a coconut cake.


    Wednesday 03-May-61

Oscar, Edith & Wanda came for supper.  Kathy went home with Kay La Grone.  We miss her.


    Thursday  04-May-61

Cool & cloudy - finished my dress.


    Friday    05-May-61

I went to James with Lloyd & Mildred.  Saw Baylor U. at Waco and some beautiful country.  Dot cooked fish for supper.


    Sunday    07-May-61

Came home today - Ray, Rita & Kathy ate supper with Oscar & Edith.


    Monday    08-May-61

I fixed a dress for Kathy that Kay sent her.  Rita is feeling bad.


    Tuesday   09-May-61

Mildred ate dinner with me & we went to town.


    Wednesday 10-May-61

Beautiful day, but cool 45.  No company, no mail.


    Thursday  11-May-61

Same as above.  Set out tomato plants.


    Saturday  13-May-61

Mr & Mrs Kennedy & Gail came for dinner.  Ray, Rita & Kathy went to the fox hunter's supper.


    Sunday    14-May-61

Ray worked this morning.  We went to Church.


    Tuesday   16-May-61

Went to town with Mildred.


    Friday    19-May-61

Pat & children came to spent the night.


    Saturday  20-May-61

Bo, Mary & Boys came.  Pat went home this evening.


    Sunday    21-May-61

Bo & Mary left at 2 o'clock for home.  Rita gave Kathy a permanent.


    Monday    22-May-61

We went to Kathy's recital tonight.


    Tuesday   23-May-61

I went to Jewel's with Mildred.  We went to Margie's for dinner.


    Wednesday 24-May-61

Made my dress today.


    Friday    26-May-61

James, Dot & Kay came in for Pearl Brooks' funeral.  Kathy went to a party at community house.


    Saturday  27-May-61

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to a fish fry at Allison's camp - James & Dot came by on their way to Tenaha.


    Sunday    28-May-61

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to the Kennedy reunion at Daingerfield.  I stayed home all day.


    Monday    29-May-61

We carried Kathy to Mrs Kennedy's last night to stay till Tues.  We miss her.


    Tuesday   30-May-61

Went to town with Mildred.  Kathy came home.


    Wednesday 31-May-61

Kathy went to movie with Judy Boyd.


    Friday    02-Jun-61

I ate dinner with Gladys and went to town.  Drew entered hospital.


    Saturday  03-Jun-61

Ray & Rita went to see Drew.  Kathy & I put up green beans.


    Sunday    04-Jun-61

Went to Church.  Bo & Mary came to bring the three boys to Lloyds.


    Tuesday   06-Jun-61

Mildred, Jewel & I went to see Aunt Ella, Kathy stayed with Cynthia.


    Thursday  08-Jun-61

Finished my dress, Kathy played with Cynthia all day.


    Saturday  10-Jun-61

Kathy went to picnic supper with Janie & Jeannie.


    Sunday    11-Jun-61

We went to Linden to see Charles Wayne and then to Nell's. Hilda & Vicki came home with us.


    Monday    12-Jun-61

Kathy went to Bible school.


    Tuesday   13-Jun-61

Hilda went with Kathy to Bible school.


    Wednesday 14-Jun-61

James, Dot & Kay came for supper tonight.


    Friday    16-Jun-61

Nell, Tommie & Billy came.  Vicki went home.  Rita, Kathy & Hilda went to close of Bible school tonight.


    Saturday  17-Jun-61

James, Dot, Kay, Kathy & I went to Nell's & carried Hilda home.  Vicki was 7 years old.  Cold & raining.


    Sunday    18-Jun-61

Rained all day.  We went to Mildred's tonight for a while.


    Monday    19-Jun-61

Sun shone a little today.  The pump is out of order & no water.


    Tuesday   20-Jun-61

Went to see Bonnie today.  Ray got the pump fixed.


    Wednesday 21-Jun-61

A pretty day.  We got all the dirty clothes washed.  Janie came to play with Kathy.


    Thursday  22-Jun-61

Mildred, Kathy & I went to Longview for my eye check up.  Bo called tonight.


    Sunday    25-Jun-61

Kathy & I went to Houston on the bus.  Uncle Cas Sears died.


    Saturday  01-Jul-61

Bo brought us home today.  Patsy came with us.


    Sunday    02-Jul-61

Went to Church this morning, after dinner went to Mrs Kennedy's.  Ray worked all day.  Rained.


    Monday    03-Jul-61

Rained again today.


    Tuesday   04-Jul-61

Ray & Rita had today off.  They went to Murvaul to eat supper with the Salter's family.


    Thursday  06-Jul-61

Mildred, Lela, Willie & Willard Posey went to Aunt Fannie's and moved her to Henderson.


    Friday    07-Jul-61

Rita is off today & Sat, making she & Kathy new dresses.


    Saturday  08-Jul-61

James & Dorothy came home.


    Sunday    09-Jul-61

We went to Waldrop singing today.


    Tuesday   11-Jul-61

Rita stayed home today, we put 41 pts. corn in freezer.



    Wednesday 12-Jul-61

Mournice & Bo came for Patsy, Linda stayed at Alice Fay's.


    Thursday  13-Jul-61

Kathy & I shelled a bu. of peas, then went with Mildred to see Aunt Fannie.  Debbie came home with us.


    Friday    14-Jul-61

Kathy spent today with Janie.  Ray went to Tyler.  Rita got some figs.  Kathy went to movie tonight with Mildred & Debbie.


    Sunday    16-Jul-61

Ray left for Pine Bluff, came a big rain; we played Scrabble tonight, ate dinner with Mildred.  Is lonsome without Ray.


    Monday    17-Jul-61

Kathy & I shelled a bu. of peas.  Mr Edward Belew died.


    Tuesday   18-Jul-61

We shelled another bushel of peas.  Ray called last night.


    Wednesday 19-Jul-61

Rita & Kathy went to Mt. Vernon & Pittsburg.  Mildred & I went to see Roy & Bonnie awhile tonight.  J.T. is gone with watermelons.


    Thursday  20-Jul-61

Went to Jean's with Mildred today.  Rita & Kathy came home.


    Friday    21-Jul-61

I helped Mildred shell peas & peel peaches today.


    Saturday  22-Jul-61

Rita & Kathy went with Mr & Mrs Garner to see Ray.  J.T. is gone with a load of watermelons and I'll spend the night with Mildred.  We went to a movie, "Freckles".


    Sunday    23-Jul-61

Spent today alone, came a big rain.


    Monday    24-Jul-61

Kathy & I helped Mildred shell peas.


    Thursday  27-Jul-61

We went to see Aunt Fannie.  Kathy went to see Janie & she came to spend the night.


    Sunday    30-Jul-61

We went to Church.  Nell brought Tim to spend this week.


    Wednesday 02-Aug-61

We helped Mildred shell peas.  Went to Mrs Kennedy's.  Billy Jean & Ricky came to spen the night.


    Thursday  03-Aug-61

Rita got a bu. of peas, we got them shelled & in the freezer. Mildred went to Tyler to get Jewel & Debbie.


    Saturday  05-Aug-61

Nell & children came.  Pat & children came for the weekend.


    Sunday    06-Aug-61

We stayed home all day.


    Monday    07-Aug-61

Tim & I went home with Pat to stay about two weeks.  Went by Henderson to see Debbie & Aunt Fannie.


    Friday    11-Aug-61

Ray came home for the weekend.


    Friday    18-Aug-61

Tim & I came home from Beaumont.  Nell came after him to go home.


    Sunday    20-Aug-61

Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's for dinner.  Then late this eve we went to town, visited the Bound's family & Nell O'neal.  Ate supper at Joe's.


    Monday    21-Aug-61

Mrs Alice Sparks died today.


    Tuesday   22-Aug-61

Kathy went to Tenaha to visit Marilyn Minter.


    Wednesday 23-Aug-61

I spent the afternoon at Becky Propes then Rita & I went after Kathy and ate supper at Lloyd's.


    Thursday  24-Aug-61

Rita & Kathy went to Mt. Vernon.  Mildred & I are going to spend the night with Aunt Fannie.


    Saturday  26-Aug-61

Ray came home last night.  Aunt Ella passed away.


    Sunday    27-Aug-61

Went to Woods reunion, then to Tyler after lunch.


    Monday    28-Aug-61

Ray went back to Pine Bluff.  I went to Aunt Ella's funeral with J.T. & Mildred.


    Friday    01-Sep-61

Kate came today.


    Sunday    03-Sep-61

Kate & I went to S School with Mildred, and ate dinner with her.  Rita joined us.  Went to Roy's & Kate stayed there.


    Monday    04-Sep-61

Mildred went to Dr. this morning.  Rita, Kathy & I went to Hetty's after Kate.  Rita & Kathy ate ice cream with the Yarborough's.


    Tuesday   05-Sep-61

Kathy started to school today


    Wednesday 06-Sep-61

Went to Jewel's today & Kate stayed.


    Thursday  07-Sep-61

Ray came home from Pine Bluff.


    Friday    08-Sep-61

Kate went home.  Ray, Rita, Kathy & I went to Pasadena.


    Saturday  09-Sep-61

Came home tonight & brought Mary & boys.  M. Bess & kids went to Lufkin to escape the storm.  (This was Hurricane Carla)   Mrs Frazier & Mrs Mangham were buried today.


    Tuesday   12-Sep-61

Bo came for Mary & boys this evening.  Still raining & blowing.


    Thursday  14-Sep-61

Mildred & I went to Longview for eye check up.


    Friday    15-Sep-61

Cool & clear now.  John Tom is in hospital.


    Saturday  16-Sep-61

We went to town.


    Sunday    17-Sep-61

Roy came this evening awhile.  Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's.


    Monday    18-Sep-61

Kathy is sick with cold, went to Dr.


    Tuesday   19-Sep-61

Kathy went back to Dr. but is better.


    Saturday  23-Sep-61

We went to Mrs Kennedy's.  Glenda & Joy came home with Kathy.


    Sunday    24-Sep-61

Nell & family came today.  Chester Crawford died.


    Tuesday   26-Sep-61

Mildred & I went to the Crawford home then went on to Henderson & spent the day.


    Wednesday 27-Sep-61

Ray went to the funeral this morning.


    Friday    29-Sep-61

Today was Rita's last day at the office.


    Saturday  30-Sep-61

James, Dot & Kay came home.  I spent the day with them at Mary Gentry's, then they ate supper with us.


    Sunday    01-Oct-61

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's.  Raining.


    Monday    02-Oct-61

Lloyd came by - it is his 45th birthday.


    Wednesday 04-Oct-61

Rita & I went to Nells.  I stayed for a visit.


    Saturday  07-Oct-61

Nell took me to Marshall, Rita & Kathy met me there.


    Sunday    08-Oct-61

Went to Tyler to David Waldrop's birthday dinner with J.T. & Mildred, also went to see Uncle Henry.


    Thursday  12-Oct-61

Patsy's birthday.


    Sunday    15-Oct-61

Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Gail, Junior & family, Sue & Don came for dinner.


    Tuesday   17-Oct-61

Mildred & I went to Henderson, ate dinner with Jewel & Aunt Fannie, then went to Libery cemetery.


    Thursday  19-Oct-61

Pat & children came tonight.


    Friday    20-Oct-61

We went up home and picked up a few pecans.  Uncle Henry Wills died today.


    Saturday  21-Oct-61

Pat went home this afternoon.  Beautiful weather.  Mildred & J.T. went to Uncle Henry's funeral.


    Monday    23-Oct-61

Went to town to get new frames for my glasses.


    Tuesday   24-Oct-61

Mildred & I visited Mrs Copeland this morning.  This afternoon we went to Bonnie's, she was gone.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy came.


    Wednesday 25-Oct-61

Went with Mildred to church program and had lunch there.  We called James tonight.


    Saturday  28-Oct-61

James, Dot & Kay came home.


    Sunday    29-Oct-61

Rita fixed a nice dinner for James, Dot, Kay, Lloyd & Mildred.


    Wednesday 01-Nov-61

James is leaving for Germany today.  It is a sad situation. Ray & Rita ate out with John & Jimmie.


    Thursday  02-Nov-61

We went to see Mary Gentry, rained and turned cooler.  Ray burned his hand at work.


    Friday    03-Nov-61

I ate dinner with Mildred, Rita went to town.


    Saturday  04-Nov-61

Rita gave Kathy a permanent.  Kathy went on a hayride with the MYF group tonight.


    Sunday    05-Nov-61

Raining & cold, no company.


    Monday    06-Nov-61

Kenneth's birthday.  Franklin Copeland died.


    Tuesday   07-Nov-61

Mildred & I went to see Aunt Fannie & Jewel.


    Wednesday 08-Nov-61

Ray went to Tyler.


    Friday    10-Nov-61

Went to town with Mildred, then we visited Mrs Della, Mrs Mae & Marie Copeland.  Michael's birthday.


    Saturday  11-Nov-61

Raining and cold, Rita & Kathy went to town.  Nell and kids picked up pecans at home.


    Sunday    12-Nov-61

I went to church with Mildred then we went to singing at Pleasant Ridge.


    Tuesday   14-Nov-61

I went to Dr today.  Raining and cold.


    Saturday  18-Nov-61

We went to Pat's today for early Thanksgiving dinner.  Bo & boys & the Jones were there, also Bill Reeves.  I stayed for a visit.


    Tuesday   28-Nov-61

Pat & Paul carried me to Pasadena.


    Sunday    03-Dec-61

Ray, Clifton, John & Dewey went to San Saba Co. to hunt quail.


    Tuesday   05-Dec-61

Bo brought me home.  He spent the night with Lloyd and went quail hunting.


    Wednesday 06-Dec-61

Went to the Christmas parade.  Ray came home.


    Friday    08-Dec-61

I stayed with Mildred last night.  J.T. has gone to Kansas. Ray killed 13 quail.  Lloyd came by for supper, Mildred has gone to Houston.


    Saturday  09-Dec-61

Kathy stayed with Betty Denton last night.  Cold & continued rain.


    Sunday    10-Dec-61

Still raining.  we went to church.  Mr Flood came by.


    Monday    11-Dec-61

Ray went to help Lloyd with his cows.  Still raining.  I wrote to James today.



    Tuesday   12-Dec-61

Kathy is 13 years old today.  Clearing and getting colder. Rita went to town.


    Wednesday 13-Dec-61

We went to Marshall, saw Mrs Roberts a few minutes.


    Thursday  14-Dec-61

Mildred & I went to Longview.  Stopped by Mr Williamson's, ate apple pie and drank coffee.  More rain and cold.  Rita worked today.


    Friday    15-Dec-61

Rain and,


    Saturday  16-Dec-61

More rain.  Ray & Rita went to Clifton's, Kathy & I played Scrabble.


    Sunday    17-Dec-61

A rainey day, we stayed home.


    Tuesday   19-Dec-61

M & I went to Henderson, ate dinner with Aunt Fannie.


    Wednesday 20-Dec-61

Kathy is out of school for holidays.  Ray is hunting.


    Saturday  23-Dec-61

Mr Will Sparks died today.


    Sunday    24-Dec-61

A beautiful Christmas eve.  We went to Church.  Mattie & Frank came for supper.


    Monday    25-Dec-61

We, Dorothy, Kay, Nell & family ate Christmas dinner with Lloyd & Mildred.


    Tuesday   26-Dec-61

Rita & Kathy went to Longview, Ray left for San Saba with John & Clifton to quail hunt.


    Wednesday 27-Dec-61

Rita & Kathy went to town, I spent the day with Mildred.


    Thursday  28-Dec-61

Cynthia, Janie & Jean & Judy spent the day with Kathy.  It is Cynthia's birthday.  Mildred & I went to Roy's.


    Friday    29-Dec-61

Ray came in tonight from San Saba.  Rita went to Mt. Vernon to her Uncle Bob's funeral.


    Sunday    31-Dec-61

We had a covered dish dinner at Mildred's.  Jewel & family, Aunt Fannie, Roy & Bonnie, Clarence & Margie, Floreid & Barbara came.  A nice day.


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