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Mama's Diary - 1962


    Monday    01-Jan-62

Beginning the new year we had blackeye peas for dinner for good luck.  Ray watched the ball games.  Kathy and I played Scrabble.


    Tuesday   02-Jan-62

Kathy went back to school.  Ray went to Tyler.  Jewel's birthday, she is 52.


    Wednesday 03-Jan-62

Rita cooked a quail supper for Mr & Mrs Garner and Mr & Mrs Salters.


    Friday    05-Jan-62

Went to town, is real cold. Ray went back to work for Mr Garner.


    Saturday  06-Jan-1962

Real cold today.  We stayed home and listened to records & played Scrabble.  Rita, Kathy & I each won a game.  Ray & Rita have gone to Clifton's.


    Sunday    07-Jan-62

We went to Church.  No company.


    Monday    08-Jan-62

Mildred had surgery, we went to the hospital.


    Tuesday   09-Jan-62

Very cold, sleeting and snowing.  School turned out at noon. Cynthia is spending tonight with Kathy, her mother is at hospital with Cleo.


    Wednesday 10-Jan-62

Rita was called back to work.  The roads are icy.  Very cold.


    Thursday  11-Jan-62

Is 4 in Shreveport this morning, coldest it has been since 1918.


    Saturday  13-Jan-62

Sun is shining and snow is melting some.


    Sunday    14-Jan-62

We went to Church.  It came a big rain.


    Monday    15-Jan-1962

A pretty day & much warmer.


    Wednesday 17-Jan-62

Mildred and Della came.


    Thursday  18-Jan-62

James is 44 yrs. old today.


    Friday    19-Jan-62

Getting colder again.  Rita & Kathy went to show.


    Saturday  20-Jan-62

Kathy went to a party at Taylor Hall's.


    Sunday    21-Jan-62

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Pittsburg.  Is raining.  Mildred & I went to see Mae Girard.


    Monday    22-Jan-62

Cold and raining and freezing.


    Tuesday   23-Jan-62

The trees are pretty with their coat of ice.


    Thursday  25-Jan-62

We went to see Jewel and Aunt Fannie.  Is raining every day. Letters from Pat & M.B.


    Friday    26-Jan-62

Rain and more rain.


    Saturday  27-Jan-62

Patsy Allen Nelson was buried today.


    Monday    29-Jan-62

Went to Dr. for flu shot.  Gladys, Drew & family came for supper.


    Tuesday   30-Jan-62

Spent the night at Mildred's.  Linda Hull came home with Kathy.


    Wednesday 31-Jan-62

We went to Marshall and on to Nell's, Charles is opening a filling station.


    Thursday  01-Feb-62

Mildred sent me a beautiful knitted coat and dress.


    Friday    02-Feb-62

Pat, Janice, Donna & James came.  I'm going home with them Sunday.


    Saturday  03-Feb-62

We went to Nell's and ate dinner.  Beautiful weather.


    Sunday    04-Feb-62

My 70th birthday.


    Monday    19-Feb-62

Went to Pasadena with Linda & M. Bess.  Clifford has the measles.


    Sunday    04-Mar-62

Came home from Pasadena with Charles & Tommy and Charley Armstrong.


    Monday    05-Mar-62

Cold - Nell went back to work at Thiokol.


    Thursday  08-Mar-62

Kathy is sick with a cold.


    Sunday    11-Mar-62

Rita has a sore throat, doesn't feel like going to Church.


    Tuesday   13-Mar-62

We went to see Jewel and Aunt Fannie.


    Wednesday 14-Mar-62

Kate's birthday - Cold & raining, a little snow - Mildred & I went to town to have our hair washed.


    Thursday  15-Mar-62

Mildred & I went to Dr Payton for eye check up - Stopped at Mrs Williamson's and had pie & coffee - clear & cold.


    Friday    16-Mar-62

A pretty day - David Jones' birthday.


    Saturday  17-Mar-62

St Patrick's day & Randy's birthday - Rita & Kathy went to Tatum for Arzelle to give Rita a permanent.  John & Jimmie came by going to hospital to see Travis.  Ray & Rita went

with them.


    Sunday    18-Mar-62

Went to Church and to Mrs Kennedy's after lunch.  Ruby & family were there.  Kathy went to MYF with K. Henigan.


    Monday    19-Mar-62

James is leaving Germany by plane.  Lloyd came by today.


    Tuesday   20-Mar-62

I called James, he arrived in Austin Mon. at noon.  Raining.


    Wednesday 21-Mar-62

Went to see Mildred, she is sick.  A pretty day.


    Thursday  22-Mar-62

Went to clinic with Mildred.


    Friday    23-Mar-62

James came by and I went with him to Mary's to spend the day. J.T. & Mildred came tonight.


    Saturday  24-Mar-62

Lloyd came by looking for James.  Kathy & I cleaned house, washed and picked out pecans.


    Sunday    25-Mar-62

Cold & cloudy.  Ray had to work.  James, Dot & Kay came for dinner.  Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's to see Herman & Junior.


    Tuesday   27-Mar-62

Mildred ate lunch with me.


    Wednesday 28-Mar-62

A beautiful spring day.


    Thursday  29-Mar-62

Spent the night with Mildred.  J.T. went to Abilene.  Add Gentry died.


    Friday    30-Mar-62

Raining and cold.


    Saturday  31-Mar-62

Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's for awhile.  Glenda & Joy came home with Kathy.


    Sunday    01-Apr-62

Went to Church - No company.


    Monday    02-Apr-62



    Tuesday   03-Apr-62

Ray is sick.  Cold.  J.T. and Mildred came.


    Wednesday 04-Apr-62

Cloudy and raining a little.  Ray is not able to work.  J.T. went to Dr. too.


    Saturday  07-Apr-62

Hardwick Bustin drowned in Lake Murval.  Nell & children came.  We went up home and visited Mr & Mrs Seago.


    Sunday    08-Apr-62

Went to Church.  Kathy went to MYF with Janie tonight.


    Monday    09-Apr-62

Ray went back to work.


    Tuesday   10-Apr-62

We went to see Jewel and Aunt Fannie.  Came back by Roy's awhile.


    Thursday  12-Apr-62

Ray quit his job today.


    Friday    13-Apr-62

We went to town.  Bought new shoes.  A beautiful day.  Janie came to spend the night.


    Saturday  14-Apr-62

Kathy went to town with Cynthia to try out for Co-captain in cheer leaders.


    Sunday    15-Apr-62

Ray & Mildred entered hospital today.  Kathy went to James'.


    Wednesday 18-Apr-62

Ray went to Henderson.  Is going to work for Drew tomorrow. Jadie Woods had a heart attack.


    Thursday  19-Apr-62

Went with Rita and stayed with Mildred this morning.  Mrs Alton Parker came.  Kathy went home with Judy.


    Saturday  21-Apr-62

We went to town and brought Mildred home from hospital.  Saw Bro. & Mrs Rhodes.


    Sunday    22-Apr-62

Easter Sunday, a nice day.  Went to Church.


    Monday    23-Apr-62

Kay's birthday.  I cooked dinner for J.T. & Mildred.


    Tuesday   24-Apr-62



    Wednesday 25-Apr-62

Cooked dinner again for Mildred.


    Thursday  26-Apr-62

Went to town, voted absentee ballot, went for check-up at clinic.  Ate dinner with Gladys.


    Friday    27-Apr-62

Raining.  Spent all morning with Mildred.


    Saturday  28-Apr-62

Barbara's birthday.  We went to Nell's & spent the day.


    Sunday    29-Apr-62

Went to Church.


    Monday    30-Apr-62

Rain  thunder storms.


    Tuesday   01-May-62

Went to see Mildred.  Kathy went home with Linda Hull.  Lloyd came by.


    Wednesday 02-May-62

Kate came.  We are leaving tomorrow morning for California.


    Saturday  12-May-62

Returned from Calif. and Phoenix today.


    Sunday    13-May-62

Kate went to Church with us.



    Monday    14-May-62

Washed & ironed all my clothes.


    Tuesday   15-May-62

Stayed with Kate at Mildred's last night and we went to Jewel's.  Hetty went with us.


    Wednesday 16-May-62

Jewel came with Kate on bus to Mildred's.  I'm going to spend the night with them.


    Thursday  17-May-62

Jewel went home today.  Kate came home with me to spend the night.


    Friday    18-May-62

Mildred & I took Kate to bus station.  Went to hear Kathy sing.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy went with us.


    Saturday  19-May-62

Sister's birthday.  Looked for Nell, but she had to work. Ray & Rita ate out with Clifton & Arzelle.


    Sunday    20-May-62

Ray & Rita took Mr & Mrs Kennedy to Mt. Pleasant to the funeral of his brother Luther.


    Thursday  24-May-62

Went to town with Mildred.


    Friday    25-May-62

School is out today.


    Saturday  26-May-62

Rita & Kathy went to town & bought new shoes.  Mr Jeff Allen died today.


    Sunday    27-May-62

Nell & Kids came.  Ray & Rita went to Mr Jeff's funeral.


    Monday    28-May-62

Kathy went to Murval with the Yarboroughs.


    Tuesday   29-May-62

Had a good rain last night.  The first rain in a month.  Went to town with Mildred.


    Thursday  31-May-62

Kathy went to 4H Club meeting.  Jimmie & Barbara came by.


    Friday    01-Jun-62

More rain today, looked for Pat, but the weather was too bad.



    Saturday  02-Jun-62

Pat & children came to spend the night.  Election day.  Forest won commissioner's race.


    Sunday    03-Jun-62

Stayed home today.  Pat left at 1:30.


    Monday    04-Jun-62

Went to hospital as Mildred was having surgery.  Kathy is going to Bible school with the Yarborough's.


    Thursday  07-Jun-62

Spent today at hospital with Mildred.


    Friday    08-Jun-62

Dorothy's birthday.


    Saturday  09-Jun-62

Rita took me to Dr Payton then we took "Andy" to the Vet. Had a flat & it came a hard rain storm & wind.


    Sunday    10-Jun-62

Went to Church.  Ray, Rita & Kathy went to eat fish supper at Clifton's.


    Monday    11-Jun-62

Terry left for the Navy.


    Wednesday 13-Jun-62

Mildred came home from the hospital.


    Thursday  14-Jun-62

Kathy cooked dinner for Mildred.


    Friday    15-Jun-62

A letter from Sister and a card from Pat, they are in Mesa Verde Colo.


    Saturday  16-Jun-62

We went to town this afternoon.  Kathy bought red tennis slipper.


    Sunday    17-Jun-62

Went to Church.  Is very hot weather, came a light shower. Vicki's 8th birthday.


    Tuesday   19-Jun-62

Emancipation Day & M. Bess' birthday.  Kathy & I went to Mildred's & cooked dinner.


    Wednesday 20-Jun-62

The pump is out of order & we have to 'borrow' water.  Mr & Mrs Kennedy & Ricky came.  Mr. K. caught a big bass.  Ray, Rita went to Henderson.


    Thursday  21-Jun-62

Mrs Mae Sealey was buried today.  Mr Bell fixed the pump. Kathy is mowing the yard.


    Friday    22-Jun-62

Kathy & I ironed & played Scrabble.  They went to a shower at Carlton Weaver's for Alice & Phillip Weaver.


    Saturday  23-Jun-62

Went to see Mildred.  Rita gave Kathy a permanent & cut her hair short.


    Sunday    24-Jun-62

M.Bess & family came, also Nell & family.


    Monday    25-Jun-62

We cleaned the house (up home) & the Jones' stayed there.


    Tuesday   26-Jun-62

Kathy & I went home with M. Bess.  We all shelled 3 bu. peas as we traveled.


    Friday    29-Jun-62

Kathy and I went to Belton from Houston, by bus.


    Saturday  30-Jun-62

Ray & Rita, Clifton & Arzelle went to Richland Springs for the week-end.  Came back by James’.


    Friday    06-Jul-62

James had to leave for a week of maneuvers, Dot & Kay brought us home.


    Sunday    08-Jul-62

Went to Waldrop singing.  Sister, Vicki & Hilda came home with us.


    Monday    09-Jul-62

The temp. was 100 today.  We shelled a bu. of peas.


    Wednesday 11-Jul-62

Phillip's birthday, 3yrs old.


    Thursday  12-Jul-62

Norma Whatley came for Sister, Hilda & Vicki.


    Friday    13-Jul-62

We put up corn last night.


    Saturday  14-Jul-62

I stayed with Mildred last night.


    Sunday    15-Jul-62

Went to Church, very hot weather.


    Tuesday   17-Jul-62

Had a light shower, Mildred & Jean came by.


    Thursday  19-Jul-62

Mildred & I went to Aunt Fannie’s, Lela, Willie, Willard, Lucille, Margie & Barbara & Jewel's family, we had a good dinner.


    Friday    20-Jul-62

I stayed with Mildred last night & we shelled peas.  Kathy & I shelled a bu. of peas today, she went to ice cream supper.


    Saturday  21-Jul-62

Kathy went to 4-H Club picnic.  Rita went to see her mother.


    Sunday    22-Jul-62

We went to Longview and spent the day with L.D., Pauline & Tabitha Woods.


    Tuesday   24-Jul-62

Went to town with Mildred & had my hair cut.  Very hot dry weather.


    Wednesday 25-Jul-62

Lloyd came by awhile.  Lynn Kennedy came home from France.


    Thursday  26-Jul-62

Looks a little like rain.  Rita went to Tatum to get a permanent.


    Friday    27-Jul-62

Stayed with Mildred last night.  Is raining a little.  Kathy went to Sandra Parker's.


    Sunday    29-Jul-62

Went to SS, then Rita & Kathy went to Lake Murvaul for lunch with Mr & Mrs Kennedy & family.


    Monday    30-Jul-62

Still hot & dry.


    Tuesday   31-Jul-62

Mr & Mrs Kennedy & Lynn came for supper.  Mildred & Mrs Virgie came.


    Wednesday 01-Aug-62

Rita & Kathy started swimming lessons.


    Saturday  04-Aug-62

We went to town.


    Sunday    05-Aug-62

Went to Church.  Still hot & dry.


    Monday    06-Aug-62

Tommy was 16 yrs old today.


    Thursday  09-Aug-62

Went to town with Mildred.  Bo & family are coming tonight.


    Saturday  11-Aug-62

Bo & family went home.  Nell & Charles & kids came over to the farm & spent the day with us.  The temp. is over 100 every day.  Everything is parched & dying.


    Sunday    12-Aug-62

We didn't go to Church.  No company, just trying to keep cool. It is 106, 4 O'clock, Aug 12


    Monday    13-Aug-62

Kathy & Rita went to Mrs K's tonight.


    Tuesday   14-Aug-62

Kathy went to SS party at La Verne Mims.


    Wednesday 15-Aug-62

A little cooler, James Martin's birthday.


    Thursday  16-Aug-62

Sandra Weaver spent the day with Kathy.  Dorothy & Kay came awhile.


    Friday    17-Aug-62

Kathy went skating at Henderson tonight.


    Saturday  18-Aug-62

Rita & Kathy took the car to Henderson for repairs.  Went to Carthage after dinner.  Lloyd came by.  Junior, Joyce & children spent the night.


    Sunday    19-Aug-62

Went to Church.


    Monday    20-Aug-62

Still hot & dry.  I went to church with Mildred & J.T. last night.


    Thursday  23-Aug-62

Went to Jewel's, saw Margie & family.


    Friday    24-Aug-62

Ray, Rita, Kathy & Barbara left for Hot Springs.  Went to town with J.T. and Mildred.  Bought a new dress.


    Saturday  25-Aug-62

Had a good rain last night.  I stayed at Mildred's & went to church.  Elaine & children were there.


    Sunday    26-Aug-62

Pat & children came yesterday, we went to Woods reunion.  Ray came home sick with cold.


    Monday    27-Aug-62

Ray went to hospital.  Pat went home and M. Bess & family came.


    Tuesday   28-Aug-62

I went up to farm and stayed with the Jones', Patsy stayed with Kathy.  They left for home at 5:30.


    Wednesday 29-Aug-62

Ray came home today.


    Thursday  30-Aug-62

Ray hurt his back & went back to hospital.  I went with Mildred to Tyler.  Kathy went to dentist.  Rained.


    Friday    31-Aug-62

Kathy & I put up a bu. of peas.  She registered for school.


    Saturday  01-Sep-62

Ray came home today.


    Sunday    02-Sep-62

Stayed home all day.  No company, still hot.


    Monday    03-Sep-62

Labor Day.  Rita had a holiday.  Ray worked.


    Tuesday   04-Sep-62

Jerry's birthday.  Went with Mildred to Royce's.  School began.


    Thursday  06-Sep-62

Went for polio and flu vaccine.


    Friday    07-Sep-62




    Saturday  08-Sep-62

More rain that we needed.


    Tuesday   11-Sep-62

I went to Lloyd's.  Linda Hull is spending the night with Kathy.


    Thursday  13-Sep-62

Came home from Lloyd's, very hot weather.


    Saturday  15-Sep-62

Sister, Mike, Nell & kids came.  We all & Kathy spent the weekend at Sugar Hill.  Ray & Rita ate out with John, Jimmy, Clifton & Arzelle.  Rained.


    Sunday    16-Sep-62

Sister & Mike left about 5 O'clock PM for Amarillo.


    Tuesday   18-Sep-62

Mildred took me to Longview for eye check up.  We visited Mr & Mrs Williamson.


    Saturday  22-Sep-62

Ray went to Jonesboro Ark.  Rita & Kathy went to Pittsburg and carried me by Nell's.


    Sunday    23-Sep-62

Came home from Nell's.  Mr Bill Pitts was buried today.


    Wednesday 26-Sep-62

Mildred & I went to Kate's by train from Shreveport, ate dinner at Jean's.


    Monday    01-Oct-62

We came by bus from Kate's, got so very cold.


    Tuesday   02-Oct-62

Lloyd's 46th birthday.  Lela had surgery at Panola Hospital.


    Friday    05-Oct-62

Have such a cold.  Went to Dr this morning.  Rita took her folks to Pittsburg to see Papa Reynolds who is very ill.


    Saturday  06-Oct-62

Ray carried me to Dr. for another shot.  Rita came home. Kathy went to Dallas Fair with 4-H group.


    Sunday    07-Oct-62

Feel a little better today.


    Thursday  11-Oct-62

Very warm weather.


    Friday    12-Oct-62

Patsy's 14th birthday.


    Saturday  13-Oct-62

Ray went squirrel hunting.  Still unseasonably hot weather.



    Sunday    14-Oct-62

We stayed home today, came a rain storm.


    Tuesday   16-Oct-62

Mildred & I went to Henderson.  Came another rainstorm.  Ray went to Dr.



    Thursday  18-Oct-62

Went back to Dr., got vitamin B-12 shot.  Jewel and boys came to Mildred's, ate dinner with them.


    Friday    19-Oct-62

Jess Sealey died.


    Saturday  20-Oct-62

Rained & turned cooler.


    Sunday    21-Oct-62

I took another cold, we stayed home all day.


    Wednesday 24-Oct-62

Nelwyn's birthday.  Cold.


    Thursday  25-Oct-62

Ray went to Jonesboro.


    Friday    26-Oct-62

Went to town with Mildred.


    Saturday  27-Oct-62

Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's - Ray got home tonight.


    Sunday    28-Oct-62

Went to church.


    Wednesday 31-Oct-62

Kathy & Rita went to annual Halloween party at Methodist Church.


    Thursday  01-Nov-62

Kathy & Rita went to ball game - Carthage & Jacksonville.


    Friday    02-Nov-62

Mildred & I went to beauty shop.  I got the 2nd flu shot.


    Saturday  03-Nov-62

Rita went to Tatum and got a permanent.


    Sunday    04-Nov-62

Went to Church.


    Monday    05-Nov-62

Mildred went to Jean's.


    Tuesday   06-Nov-62

I visited Glady's this eve and voted when Rita got off from work.  Kathy went to movie, saw Little Women.



    Wednesday 07-Nov-62

M. Bess called this morn.  I'm going down there Fri.


    Friday    09-Nov-62

Went to Lufkin on bus.  Ate dinner at Mrs Jones & went home with M. Bess.


    Sunday    02-Dec-62

Went from Pasadena to Linda's in Groves.  Pat came & I went home with her.


    Tuesday   25-Dec-62

Spent Christmas with Pat.


    Thursday  27-Dec-62

Pat & kids brought me home.


    Friday    28-Dec-62

Pat & I visited Gladys a few minutes then she left for home in the rain.


    Saturday  29-Dec-62

Kathy got a new permanent.


    Sunday    30-Dec-62

Stayed home.


    Monday    31-Dec-62

Nell, Charles & family came & spent the day.


Mama's Diary - 1963


    Friday    04-Jan-63

Lloyd & Mildred came for supper.


    Saturday  05-Jan-63

Rita, Kathy & I went to Longview.  Ray went to Mobile Ala.


    Tuesday   08-Jan-63

We went to see Jewel & Aunt Fannie.


    Thursday  10-Jan-63

Mildred & I got a new permanent.


    Friday    11-Jan-63

Is getting very cold.


    Saturday  12-Jan-63

Colder today.


    Sunday    13-Jan-63

Very cold - 15, sun is shining.  Stayed home all day.


    Monday    14-Jan-63

Cold-  Ray & Clifton went to San Saba to quail hunt.


    Friday    18-Jan-63

James 45th birthday.  Turning cold again.


    Saturday  19-Jan-63

Raining & freezing.  Ray went to Mobile Ala.  Kathy went to Pine Burr party with Judy Boyd.


    Sunday    20-Jan-63

James, Dot & Kay came, ate dinner & went home.  Very cold - 13 last night.


    Monday    21-Jan-63

Ray got in from Mobile.  Kathy went to piano recital.  My TV is out of order.


    Tuesday   22-Jan-63

Not so cold but very windy-  went with Mildred & Mrs Della to see Marie.


    Wednesday 23-Jan-63

Another cold wave.  22 at noon.


    Thursday  24-Jan-63

Eddie couldn't come today so I ironed a few pieces.


    Friday    25-Jan-63

Bo & family came today stayed for supper-  Kathy & Rita went to Kilgore to music clinic, raining a little.


    Saturday  26-Jan-63

Raining & cold -  Rita & Kathy went to Mrs Kennedy's awhile. Kathy & I made ranger cookies.  Ray & Rita ate out with Drew & Virginia.


    Sunday    27-Jan-63

Still cold but sun is shining - Stayed home all day.


    Tuesday   29-Jan-63

Mildred & I went to see Roy & Bonnie, no one home.  Came back to see the new Watley Strong home.


    Saturday  02-Feb-63

Raining - Rita & Kathy went to town.


    Sunday    03-Feb-63

Felt bad today, we stayed home again.


    Monday    04-Feb-63

My 71st birthday, several cards & gifts from the family.  A box of candy from Ray - A telephone call from Lloyd.


    Tuesday   05-Feb-63

Mildred & I went to Henderson- beautiful weather.


    Saturday  09-Feb-63

M.B. & family came, Nell & children came too.  We spent the night up at the farm.   M.B. & I went to see Mrs. Lily.  Ray went to Magnolia


    Thursday  14-Feb-63

Went with Mildred to Dr. Cullum.


    Friday    15-Feb-63

Do not feel very well, ate lunch with Mildred.


    Saturday  16-Feb-63

Pat's birthday.


    Sunday    17-Feb-63

Went to Pittsburg.


    Friday    22-Feb-63

Lloyd came by - Maggie Belew died.


    Saturday  23-Feb-63

Kathy is sick.


    Sunday    24-Feb-63

Stayed home, Kathy went to Dr.


    Wednesday 27-Feb-63

Margie & Clifford came.


    Thursday  28-Feb-63

Went to town with Mildred.


    Saturday  02-Mar-63

Rita got a permanent.


    Sunday    03-Mar-63

Went to SS.


    Wednesday 06-Mar-63

Mr & Mrs K. & Lynn came for supper.


    Friday    08-Mar-63

Kathy went to Galloway- 4-H Club.


    Saturday  09-Mar-63

M., Randy & Jerry came.


    Sunday    10-Mar-63

Beautiful warm weather.


    Tuesday   12-Mar-63

Went to see Aunt Fannie.


    Saturday  16-Mar-63

David's birthday, went to town.


    Sunday    17-Mar-63

Lovely day, went to Church.


    Monday    18-Mar-63

Randy left for Navy - Willis arrived.


    Tuesday   19-Mar-63

Willis came for supper, Mildred & J.T. came.


    Saturday  23-Mar-63

Rita went bowling, Kathy went to Clayton, 4-H Club.


    Sunday    24-Mar-63

Nell & children came.


    Monday    25-Mar-63

Mrs Kelly was buried.


    Tuesday   26-Mar-63

Jack Salters was buried.  Went to town with M.


    Wednesday 27-Mar-63

Mrs Lily died last night.


    Friday    29-Mar-63

Went to farm with Bo.


    Saturday  06-Apr-63

The Jones' brought me home from Pasadena.


    Sunday    07-Apr-63

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Clifton's.


    Tuesday   09-Apr-63

M. & I went to Henderson.


    Wednesday 10-Apr-63

Went to Church with M.


    Friday    12-Apr-63

Mr & Mrs K. came, Lloyd & Mildred came by.


    Saturday  13-Apr-63

We went to Mrs K's.


    Sunday    14-Apr-63

Easter Sunday.  Went to Church.  Kay & James came.


    Tuesday   16-Apr-63

Went to town with M & Mrs Virgie.


    Sunday    21-Apr-63

Stayed home.


    Monday    22-Apr-63

Walked up to Mildred's.


    Tuesday   23-Apr-63

Kay's birthday, rained.


    Wednesday 01-May-63

Kate, Jewel & I spent the day with Mildred.  She, J.T. & Kate ate supper with us.


    Thursday  02-May-63

Ray's birthday, Kate, M & I went to Beckville then Kate went home.


    Saturday  04-May-63

M.B. & family came, also Nell & family.  We all spent the night at the farm.


    Sunday    05-May-63

I went home with Nell.


    Thursday  09-May-63

Nell brought me home.


    Friday    10-May-63

Got a permanent.


    Saturday  11-May-63

Went to town.


    Sunday    12-May-63

Went to Church.


    Tuesday   14-May-63

Stella came for supper.


    Sunday    19-May-63

Sister's birthday.


    Wednesday 22-May-63

Rain & cold 45.


    Thursday  23-May-63

Went to town with M.


    Friday    24-May-63

Last day of school.


    Saturday  25-May-63

Rita & Kathy went on picnic.


    Sunday    26-May-63

Stayed home all day.


    Tuesday   28-May-63

Jewel came.


    Saturday  01-Jun-63

Went to town.


    Sunday    02-Jun-63

Went to Daingerfield.


    Thursday  06-Jun-63

Pat & I went to Longview.


    Tuesday   11-Jun-63

Byerly's went home, looked for Bo, Phillip is sick.


    Sunday    16-Jun-63

Went to Church.


    Tuesday   18-Jun-63

Went to Jewel's, Ray went to Ark, Kathy got permanent.


    Wednesday 19-Jun-63

M.B.'s birthday.


    Thursday  20-Jun-63

Bo & Nell's birthday.


    Saturday  22-Jun-63

Kathy went to Pt. Neches.


    Sunday    23-Jun-63

Stayed home alone.


    Tuesday   25-Jun-63

Visited Gladys.


    Saturday  29-Jun-63

M.B. & family came, also Joyce Jensen.


    Sunday    30-Jun-63

All went to Nell's, Tim had birthday dinner.


    Tuesday   02-Jul-63

M.B. went home.


    Thursday  04-Jul-63

Stayed home.


    Friday    05-Jul-63

James came, 15 lb fish.


    Monday    08-Jul-63

Went home with James.


    Friday    12-Jul-63

Came home on bus.


    Sunday    14-Jul-63

Went to Liberty.


    Monday    15-Jul-63

Spending this week at farm with Tim, Hilda, Vicki & little Kathy.  Went to Henderson with Willis & to Hetty's to get plums.


    Saturday  20-Jul-63

Went to Marshall to Lynn & Jean's wedding.


    Sunday    21-Jul-63

103, hot & dry.


    Thursday  25-Jul-63



    Sunday    28-Jul-63

Went to SS


    Tuesday   30-Jul-63

Bo & family came.


    Thursday  01-Aug-63

Bo went home.


    Sunday    04-Aug-63

Went to Church.


    Thursday  08-Aug-63

Ray started room.


    Saturday  10-Aug-63

Willis left for Calif.


    Sunday    11-Aug-63

Stayed home, hot & dry.


    Monday    19-Aug-63

Went to Pat's.


    Saturday  07-Sep-63

Went from Pat's to Pasadena.


    Saturday  14-sep-63

Came home on bus.


    Thursday  19-Sep-63

Got new permanent.


    Saturday  21-Sep-63

Nell & Kds came.


    Thursday  26-Sep-63

Went to Longview with Lloyd for eye check up.


    Saturday  28-Sep-63

Went to Jewel's with J.T. & Mildred.


    Sunday    29-Sep-63

Rita & Kathy went to Dallas.


    Tuesday   01-Oct-63

Beautiful weather.


    Wednesday 02-Oct-63

Ray went to work for Lloyd, Terry came.


    Saturday  05-Oct-63

Rita & Kathy went to Dallas fair.


    Thursday  10-Oct-63

Kate came.


    Friday    11-Oct-63

We carried Kate to Roy's, no one home, on to Hetty's.


    Saturday  12-Oct-63

Patsy's birthday.  Went with J.T. & Mildred to see Ray, he is sick.


    Sunday    13-Oct-63

Ray entered hospital.


    Monday    14-Oct-63

M. & I took Kate to Jewel's.


    Tuesday   15-Oct-63

We spent the day at Jewel's.


    Wednesday 16-Oct-63

Cooked supper for J.T.- M. & Kate went to Roy's.


    Thursday  17-Oct-63

Kate went home.


    Friday    18-Oct-63

M.B. & kids came.  Ray & Rita moved in new room.


    Saturday  19-Oct-63

Nell & kids came.


    Sunday    20-Oct-63

All went home today.


    Monday    21-Oct-63

Mildred's birthday.  James left for Germany with 'Exercise Big Lift"!


    Tuesday   22-Oct-63

M. & I went to town, visited Mrs Virgie & Minnie Pearl.


    Wednesday 23-Oct-63

Ray went to Dr.


    Sunday    27-Oct-63

Kathy moved in bedroom.



    Saturday  02-Nov-63

Went to Jewel's.


    Sunday    03-Nov-63

Ate dinner at Mrs Kennedy's


    Friday    08-Nov-63

Pat & kids came.


    Saturday  09-Nov-63

We went to Henderson.


    Friday    15-Nov-63

Went to Jewel's with Mildred Strong.


    Saturday  16-Nov-63

Sick with cold.


    Monday    18-Nov-63

Welcome rain.


    Friday    22-Nov-63

President Kennedy cruelly assassinated in Dallas.  Got my hair cut.


    Monday    25-Nov-63

Watched burial of Pres Kennedy, so very sad.


    Thursday  28-nov-63

Thanksgiving, James & Dot.


    Saturday  30-Nov-63

Nell & kids came.



Mama’s Diary - 1964


    Wednesday 01-Jan-64

Leaving 1963 in the realm of years past, we begin 1964 with new hopes, new ideals and a new President of the USA, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who took office after the cruel assassination of our wonderful and vibrant young President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for whom we will grieve for a long time.


    Thursday  02-Jan-64

I started the new year by returning home from Kate's in Baton Rouge.  Mildred, Jewel, Debbie & I went down there with Floreid Wills.  We stopped in Jasper for lunch and ate the traditional black eye peas.  Today Jewel is 54 years old.


    Friday    03-Jan-64

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Henderson with John Brooks and ate supper at Jay's.  I am sick with a sore throat.


    Saturday  04-Jan-64

Ray, John, Drew & Clifton went to San Saba Co. for quail hunting.  Rita is sick with a sore throat, but went to work.


    Tuesday   07-Jan-64

Went to town with Mildred, she got a permanent.


    Wednesday 08-Jan-64

A much needed rain fell today.


    Friday    10-Jan-64

Real cold, a low of 21 last night.  I ate lunch with Mildred & J.T.


    Sunday    12-Jan-64

Ray, Rita & Kathy took me to Lufkin and I went home with Mournice.  Terribly cold but the sun is shining.


    Sunday    26-Jan-64

Monnie Bess carried me to Pat's today.


    Tuesday   04-Feb-64

My 72nd birthday.  Pat & I went to the funeral of my 1st cousin Ben Gray.  I saw & talked to six cousins, Lois, Kate, Kit, Bernice, Clint & Cordie, who are the children of my Aunt Sephronia Dove Gray.


    Wednesday 05-Feb-64

Today we visited Kit Gray & wife in Beaumont.


    Friday    07-Feb-64

Pat & children frought me home and spent the night.


    Sunday    09-Feb-64

Nell & children came and I went home with them.


    Sunday    16-Feb-64

Today is Pat's birthday.  Ray, Rita & Kathy came to Nell's to bring me home.



    Tuesday   18-Feb-64

Mildred & I went to see Jewel and Aunt Fannie.  Cold & windy.


    Wednesday 19-Feb-64

Mildred & I went to Mr Screws turnip patch and got greens, they were very good.


    Friday    21-Feb-64

This morning some light snow fell, then a little rain which melted  the snow, then the sun came out, but is now getting colder.


    Sunday    23-Feb-64

We went to Church at Southside Baptist.


    Friday    28-Feb-64

Bo & family came, too cold to fish.


    Saturday  29-Feb-64

Nell & kids came down.  We all had a nice visit.  Kathy came up to the farm this morning, then Ray & Rita came awhile tonight.


    Sunday    01-Mar-64

They all went home today.


    Monday    02-Mar-64

I don't feel so good, having trouble with my back.


    Wednesday 04-Mar-64

Ray left for De Queen Ark.


    Saturday  07-Mar-64

Kathy is sick and my back still hurts.


    Sunday    08-Mar-64

Ray came in last night.  Is cloudy & warm.  We are having fish for dinner.


    Saturday  14-Mar-64

A good rain, I am alone today.


    Sunday    15-Mar-64

Stayed home alone today also.


    Tuesday   17-Mar-64

Randy's birthday, he is in Bremerhaven Germany.


    Thursday  19-Mar-64

Lloyd & Mildred came by this morning.  Sister Mildred & I went to Longview for eye check up at Dr Payton's.  She got new lenses and frames.


    Saturday  21-Mar-64

Kathy went with the choir to Nacogdoches.


    Thursday  26-Mar-64

Pat, Paul & kids came tonight.



    Friday    27-Mar-64

Nell & kids & Kathy came up to farm today.  The Byerly's went home.


    Saturday  28-Mar-64

James, Dot & Kay came, the kids fished all day with James. We had fish for supper.  Ray & Rita came for supper.  This evening, Nell & I went up to Liberty cemetery.


    Sunday    29-Mar-64

A real quiet Easter Sunday.  A beautiful day.  The kids had an egg hunt.


    Monday    30-Mar-64

Nell went home this morning and I went back to Ray's.


    Saturday  04-Apr-64

Gail came home from Cincinatti.  M. Bess & family came.


    Thursday  09-Apr-64

Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Gail, Bill & baby came for supper.


    Sunday    12-Apr-64

Rita entered hospital for tests.  A long lonesome Sunday.


    Friday    17-Apr-64

Kathy went to Shreveport to see a Shakespeare play.


    Saturday  18-Apr-64

Rita & Kathy went to Nacogdoches with 4H group.  They won 2nd place.


    Sunday    19-Apr-64

James left today for Desert Strike Maneuvers in Calif, Utah & Arizona.


    Monday    20-Apr-64

Lloyd & Mildred came by & ate supper.


    Tuesday   21-Apr-64

Mildred & I went to see Aunt Fanny & Jewel.


    Saturday  02-May-64

Bo & family came in their new station wagon.  Nell & kids came.  Kathy got a permanent.


    Sunday    03-May-64

All went home today.


    Tuesday   05-May-64

Kate came today.


    Thursday  07-May-64

We went to Jewel's, Kate & I spent the night with Bonnie & Roy.


    Saturday  09-May-64

Kate went home tonight.  J.T., Mildred & I visited Minnie Pearl & Vernon.


    Sunday    10-May-64

Went to Pittsburg with Rita, Kathy, Mr & Mrs Kennedy to see their Mama Reynolds.


    Monday    11-May-64

Sister called tonight to wish me Happy Mother's day.  James was there for the week-end.


    Thursday  14-May-64

Went to town & got my hair fixed.


    Friday    15-May-64

Feel bad today.


    Saturday  16-May-64

Went to Dr today, had kidney infection.


    Tuesday   19-May-64

Went back to Dr. also went to Dr Payton for eye check up. Rita & I ate lunch with Mildred.


    Friday    22-May-64

M.B. and kids came.  Got a new permanent.


    Saturday  23-May-64

Pat, Nell & children came for week end.  Mike came from Phoenix.


    Sunday    24-May-64

M. Bess & Nell went to see Charles.


    Monday    25-May-64

Mildred & I went to see Aunt Fannie & Jewel.  Debbie came home with us.


    Friday    29-May-64

Raining a little today.


    Saturday  30-May-64

Nell & kids came last night.  Kathy had a party.  Going up to farm, M. Bess is coming.


    Sunday    31-May-64

Dot & Kay came.  I'm going home with M. Bess.  Unusually cold, and lots of rain since Friday.


    Saturday  06-Jun-64

Leaving Pasadena at 7:15 with Bo & family with 1200 miles to go. They are going to Calif., I will stop in Phoenix for a visit with Sister.  Got out of Houston about 8 o'clock.  Has been raining out here.  On radio, Eddie Fisher is singing "Oh My Papa".  At 8:30 we go through the small town of Waller. Such beautiful fields of corn, how I'd like to gather my arms full of roasting ears.  8:45 we are in Hempstead, bypassed Brenham.  Just came through Carmine, that was the home of James Ray Gerhard Brunette.  Getting hungrier all time seeing all the corn fields.  I think it's beautiful country out here.  Bo bought cookies in Giddings, they were good, no one ate much breakfast. 

In Austin at 11 o'clock, Clifford is looking at the Capitol and we just crossed the Colorado river.  Have passed thru Oak Hill & Dripping Springs as we enter the Hill Country & rocky too.  Is 11:30, now we are in the peach center of Texas, I want to stop at one of the sheds, but peaches would be too messy.  We ate lunch in Stonewall, home of LBJ, also came thru Johnson City.  At 1:20 we just crossed Pedernales River & are entering Fredricksburg that was settled by Germans.  Just entered Junction, crossing Llano River which was inside city limits.  Is 3:00 o'clock & we've crossed the Llano 3 times, have been thru a vast area of rocks & scraggy bushes.  Few signs of humanity.  I still want some peaches, they are far behind.  The terrain is more level now as we go thru Sonora, see a few cows and sheep. After we left Ozona we are getting into Davis Mountains & our ears are popping, it's nearly 5 o'clock. 

We've crossed the Pecos river and are in Sheffield.  6 o'clock in Ft Stockton, flat, dry & barren country.  7 o'clock we are in mountains again, just came thru Balmorhea, pretty farm country here. 9:30 o'clock  "The sun is riz, the sun is set and here we is in Texas yet".  Traveling west with the sun it didn't set till almost 8 o'clock.  We are in Van Horn, have eaten supper and settled down in Bell's Motel, so good night all.


    Sunday    07-Jun-64

We are up at 6:45, going to eat breakfast.  At 8 o'clock we are going thru Sierra Blanco.  This is mountain, rocks, cacti & Jack rabbit country, we've seen several Army vehicles going East but haven't spotted James Riley yet.  9:45 just passed Ysleta, the oldest & first settlement in Texas.  Now inside El Paso city limits.  Been meeting Army convoy all morning, the boys have been waving at the soldiers, but Phil thinks they are all fighting.  Across the Rio Grande we see Mexican villages where the poor people live & aren't allowed to cross the river.  Most of the vegetation we've seen today has been cacti and tumbling tumbleweeds.  They grow in profusion. 

At the border we ran our time back an hour so it's 9:30 now as we near Las Cruces N. Mex.  El Paso is a huge city spread over a lot of territory.  Wish I could describe this country as I see it.  10 o'clock we are in Fair Acres N.M.  Bo got a big bag of corn crinkles - good!  11 o'clock just came thru Deming N. Mex., wish you could see the lush green plants atop dry sand dunes.

We are meeting a long, long line of the Army convoy, some of them are 142nd Signal Corps, of which James is a part I think.  Cliff just knows he saw James.  We are really in the desert now, very little vegetation, dry & barren.  We've seen lots of "dust devils" (sand storms) and tumbling tumble weeds blowing around.  Getting into higher mts.  11:30, just crossed the Continental Divide.  Still meeting the Army, some beside the highway eating lunch in the heat & dust.  12:30 o'clock, didn't find a place to eat in Lordsburg.  In Arizona now, most of the country thru N. Mex. was a barren wasteland, little bushes look brown & sere but they are alive.  Now & then an alfalfa field, pretty & green - irrigated.

In Duncan Ariz., now in a valley in Peloncillo Mts, some green fields & trees.  Just came thru Globe & Miami Ariz. They were surrounded by rock mts., rocks as big as your house, almost bottomless gorges.  It's beautiful!  Crossing Pinto creek, no water in it.  Looking across a gorge we all see a huge salt dome, also passed a huge copper mine & plant.  100 miles to Phoenix.  4 o'clock, just came thru Devil's Canyon & across Queen River, looked as if the huge rocks would topple down on us, came thru a tunnel that was hewed thru a mt. 

Wish you were with us.  When we left hi-way 80 at Lordsburg N. Mex. we left the soldiers.  The elevation here is 4400 ft.  You have a feeling you are talking thru your ears - well I can't describe it.  We are near the Superstition Mountain range, they do indeed look superstitious.  I'd like to know the story of them.  We are really in a mountain range now, going up, my ears are popping.  "The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handiwork".  2 o'clock in Safford Ariz. Just ate lunch at Manor House restaurant.  A pretty town but HOT!  Crossed Gila river and San Carlos river, came thru Indian villages (Apache Indians).  They live in huts and grass tepees out in the hot sun - poor people, it's 3 o'clock.

We got to Sister's at 5:15.  She had a white rag hanging on a bush in the yard.  Written on it, "Sister lives here".  She was so excited she was shaking.  They have a nice place and is pretty out here, some trees around.  Terry is home & had a friend Dave, Edna & Marilyn were here for supper.  At 9:30 Topsy & Dravelle came, they all carry a cup of coffee all time.


    Monday    08-Jun-64

Cleo cooked a good breakfast, he does most of housework.  Bo & family just left for San Diego - it's unusually cool here and the wind blew like a gale all the way from Van Horn yesterday, but I enjoyed the trip & feel fine. Now for the sad story.  To keep the ants out of the cake, I put it in Mary's refrigerator and we left in such a whirl Mary & I forgot it - I could cry.  Bo said go down there and get it.  Sister said , "mail my cake", but she has an oven now and I'll cook one, tho' it will not be the same.  Hope all is well there.  You may not be able to read some of this but I thought you might enjoy it.  Thanks for everything.

Love, Mama.


    Monday    06-Jul-64

Left Phoenix for Houston by Continental jet.  A nice smooth trip, 3 hrs by plane.  M. Bess was waiting for me.  I was glad to get my feet on Texas soil.


    Tuesday   07-Jul-64

Called….talked to Kathy tonight.  Durward Shaw died.


    Wednesday 08-Jul-64

M. Bess carried me over to Pat's.



    Thursday  09-Jul-64

Paul brought us up to Ray's, we will spend a week at the farm.  Ray is working in Minden La.


    Friday    10-Jul-64

Lloyd & Mildred came by for supper.  Nell & kids came over for the week end.


    Saturday  11-Jul-64

We are all going to Lloyd's for supper tonight.


    Sunday    12-Jul-64

All went to Waldrop singing today.


    Thursday  16-Jul-64

Paul came for Pat & kids.  I am back at Ray's again.


    Sunday    19-Jul-64

Mr John T. Brooks died Fri night.  Mildred & I went to funeral home early, stayed till 10 o'clock.  Went to Sun School, then ate lunch at Royce's.


    Monday    20-Jul-64

We went to Rosborough springs to get peaches, none there.


    Tuesday   21-Jul-64

Rita & Kathy got a bu. peaches at Harvey Fite's for $5.00.


    Wednesday 22-Jul-64

Ray came home from Minden La.


    Friday    24-Jul-64

Had a good rain and is lots cooler.


    Sunday    26-Jul-64

Dorothy & Kay came.  I'm going home with them to stay a week.


    Saturday  01-Aug-64

James brought me home.  Kathy came home from Port Neches.


    Saturday  08-Aug-64

M. Bess & kids came, we went to Nell's.


    Monday    10-Aug-64

Rita is painting the living room.


    Tuesday   11-Aug-64

Visited Mildred for awhile.


    Saturday  15-Aug-64

Had a 3 in. rain.


    Wednesday 26-Aug-64

Watching the Democrat convention.  Interesting.


    Thursday  27-Aug-64

Bo & family came for the week end.  Had my hair cut.


    Sunday    30-Aug-64

Bo went home today.


    Monday    31-Aug-64

Kathy started to school.  Very hot weather.


    Tuesday   01-Sep-64

Rita got a permanent.


    Friday    04-Sep-64

James, Dot & Kay came for week end.  Brought Ray 2 birddog



    Sunday    06-Sep-64

Nell & all the family came this afternoon.


    Monday    07-Sep-64

Lloyd & Mildred came by to see James, but he was fishing. James, Dot & Kay came for dinner, then left for home. Mildred & I went to the Waldrop reunion for awhile.


    Tuesday   08-Sep-64

Went to Longview with Lloyd & Mildred.  Dr Norman treated my ear, such a relief.


    Friday    11-Sep-64

Ray, Rita & Kathy went o a ball game.


    Sunday    13-Sep-64

I went to Church & SS with Mildred & J.T. then after lunch we went to Oakland to the annual singing.


    Monday    14-Sep-64

Rita went to town and I visited Gladys till noon.


    Saturday  26-Sep-64

Pat & kids came & I went home with them.


    Friday    23-Oct-64

Pat brought me home.  Bo & family came.


    Sunday    25-Oct-64

Pat & Bo went home this morning.


    Tuesday   27-Oct-64

Mildred & I got a new permanent.


    Sunday    01-Nov-64

Nell & family came.  Tommy is home.


    Monday    02-Nov-64

Visited Gladys this afternoon.


    Tuesday   03-Nov-64

Voted for LBJ and the other Dem candidates.


    Thursday  05-Nov-64



    Friday    06-Nov-64

Michael's birthday.



    Sunday    08-Nov-64

Went to Church.


    Tuesday   10-Nov-64

Kenneth's birthday.


    Friday    13-Nov-64

M. Bess & kids came.


    Saturday  14-Nov-64

We all went to Longview for Dr Payton to check Patsy's eyes.


    Monday    16-Nov-64

Went to Dr.  I have a rash.  Rita went to Eastman.


    Saturday  21-Nov-64

Very cold.  Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Allison's camp for supper.


    Sunday    22-Nov-64

Still cold.  Stayed home all day.


    Thursday  26-Nov-64

M. Bess & kids came, also James, Dot & Kay.


    Friday    27-Nov-64

M. Bess & I went to see Mattie.  James, Jerry & Barbara went  squirrel hunting, killed 5.


    Saturday  28-Nov-64

All went home today.


    Friday    04-Dec-64

Rita, Mildred & I went to Longview, I saw Dr Payton.


    Sunday    06-Dec-64

Nell & kids came, ate dinner here then went up to the farm & picked up pecans.  Is real cold.


    Tuesday   08-Dec-64

Rita went to work at Texas Eastman today.  Mildred & I went to Henderson.


    Thursday  10-Dec-64

Lloyd & Mildred came by.


    Saturday  12-Dec-64

Kathy's 16th birthday.  Pete Woods was shot & killed by an escaped convict.


    Thursday  24-Dec-64

Went to Dr Phillips.  James & Kay came.


    Friday    25-Dec-64

We ate dinner at Mrs Kennedy's.  Nell & family came & we all went up to the farm & cooked supper.  Nell went home.


    Saturday  26-Dec-64

James & Dot went home.


    Monday    28-Dec-64

Byron Ross died.


    Thursday  31-Dec-64

Went back to Dr Phillips.


Mama’s Diary - 1966


    Saturday  01-Jan-66

Beginning the new year, a warm cloudy day.  We had black eyed peas and "hog jowl' for lunch for good luck.  Christine (Woods) Long died in California.


    Thursday  20-Jan-66

Gerald Stone (Peck) Eden was killed in wreck on river bridge at Longview.  Chester Wyatt died the same day.


    Friday    04-Feb-66

Had a lovely birthday (74 yrs) supper at Lloyd's with Nell, James, Ray & families, really a happy surprise.


    Sunday    06-Feb-66

Rev. Dewey Barron Jimmerson was killed in a car wreck at Newton.


    Wednesday 09-Feb-66

Jimmy Armstrong was buried today at Waldrop.


    Sunday    20-Feb-66

Nell & children came this afternoon.


    Monday    21-Feb-66

James and Mr Findley from Austin visited us awhile.


    Tuesday   22-Feb-66

Went for check up.


    Saturday  26-Feb-66

Randy & Bette came.


    Monday    28-Feb-66

Prescription No. 423559 refilled.


    Tuesday   01-Mar-66

Daughter Mildred took me to Dr. Payton.


    Friday    04-Mar-66

Bo & family came.


    Monday    07-Mar-66

Willis & Effie came.


    Friday    11-Mar-66

M. Bess & Kids & Linda came.  We went to Longview.


    Tuesday   15-Mar-66

Charley Jackson died, Ray was pall bearer.


    Thursday  17-Mar-66

Got a permanent.  Bo & family, Pat & family came., then Sat. James & family came, called Lloyd & they came, we had a fish supper.  All left on Sun.


    Friday    08-Apr-66

Nell came for me, we came back on Easter Sun. eve the 10th.


    Saturday  16-Apr-66

M. Bess and family came for week end, we went to Nell's on Sat.


    Saturday  23-Apr-66

Went to Dr. for check up.  Nothing wrong.


    Monday    25-Apr-66

Kate came.


    Friday    29-Apr-66

Pat & kids came for me.


    Monday    02-May-66

Ray's birthday.


    Monday    09-May-66

Pat took me to Pasadena.  Got to see "My Fair Lady" in La Porte.  Bo moved into new house the 12th, I spent the night with them.  Came a flood.


    Friday    13-May-66

The Jones brought me home.


    Tuesday   17-May-66

Sister, Mike & family came.


    Thursday  19-May-66

Sister's birthday.  They ate supper here, Lloyd & Mildred came.  They left for Phoenix.


    Friday    27-May-66

So unusually cool this spring, slept under electric blanket last night.


    Sunday    29-May-66

Would have been J.F. Kennedy's birthday, he would have been 49.


    Tuesday   31-May-66

Rita's grandmother Reynolds died today - her birthday.


    Wednesday 01-Jun-66

Was 58 last night, the coolest on record.  Kathy and I went to town, had my hair trimmed.  Eddie & I defrosted the freezer.  M.Bess, Randy & kids came to stay til Sunday.  Nell & Tim came Sat.


    Sunday    12-Jun-66

Bo & family came by from their vacation, we spent the night at the farm.  He got lots of plums.  Installed air conditioner, went home after supper on the 13th.


    Tuesday   14-Jun-66

The Byerlys left on vacation to New England states.


    Wednesday 15-Jun-66

Kathy went to dentist.


    Saturday  18-Jun-66

James & family came, brought fish, we called Lloyd & Mildred to come & had fish supper.


    Tuesday   28-Jun-66

M. Bess and Linda, Barbara & David came, we went to Rosborough Springs to get peaches.


    Thursday  30-Jun-66

M. Bess & Linda picked plums at the old Wyatt place.


    Friday    01-Jul-66

Tim's birthday, I made crab apple jelly.


    Saturday  02-Jul-66

Ray & Rita went to El Chico's with John & Jimmie.  Kathy & I played Scrabble.


    Sunday    03-Jul-66

Went to Liberty singing.


    Monday    04-Jul-66

Nell & Coleman kids & Tim came, Tim stayed this week.


    Sunday    10-Jul-66

Went to annual day at Waldrop.


    Monday    11-Jul-66

Nell & family came after Tim.  Kathy is sewing on her wool dress.  Very hot.


    Thursday  14-Jul-66

Got a permanent, prescription 423559 refilled.


    Monday    18-Jul-66

Betty Sparks was buried and we didn't know it.


    Tuesday   19-Jul-66

Buddy Gentry died today.


    Thursday  21-Jul-66

Shelled 2 bu. peas.


    Saturday  30-Jul-66

James & family came.  I went home with them.


    Saturday  06-Aug-66

Ray, Rita & Kathy went to Bo's & to the Astrodome.


    Friday    12-Aug-66

Ray, Rita & Kathy came to James’.  On Saturday we all went to San Saba & Richland Springs.  We visited Burl & Britte Martin.  Came home Sunday.


    Sunday    28-Aug-66

Had the Woods re-union today at Drew's place.  James, Dot & Kay, Lloyd & Mildred came.


    Tuesday   30-Aug-66

Pat & kids came, went home Sept 2, Friday.


    Friday    02-Sep-66

M. Bess, Barbara & David came, stayed till Labor day the 5th. Mrs Tinnie Brooks passed away Sept. 6.


    Friday    09-Sep-66

Went for check up & flu shot.


    Friday    23-Sep-66

Went for check up & that night had trouble with my heart, went by ambulance to hospital.


    Monday    26-Sep-66

M. B. & Linda came.


    Friday    30-Sep-66

Pat & kids came.  Came from hospital Oct. 4.


    Thursday  06-Oct-66

James came & took me to Dr., then Pat came after me.


This was the last entry in Mama’s diary.


Mama went to Pat and Paul’s for a visit then Pat brought her over to stay a few days with Monnie Bess and to visit us too.  On the evening of November 10, 1966 Monnie Bess called to tell me Mama was having chest pains and needed to go to the hospital.  I called Pasadena Ambulance and they said they didn’t have anyone to help the driver but they could send an ambulance.  I gave them the address and told them I would be there to help the driver.  The ambulance came just after I got there.  We got Mama into the ambulance and I rode in the back with her to Bayshore Hospital.  I said to Mama, “Don’t be afraid, we will be there soon and they will take care of you”.  She said to me, “I’m not afraid at all”.

They did what they could for her but she slowly declined.  She finally passed away the next evening … November 11, 1966.

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