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Thomas Monnie Woods
August 12, 1891  -  September 27, 1933


Bessie Edna Brown
February 4, 1892  -  November 11, 1966

Poems, stories, memories, old letters and diaries from family members are welcomed.  If you have something you would like to share with the family just send it to me, (Use the button below to send an email ) and I will post it.

All comments are welcomed. If you have a comment, question or suggestion about the site, or wish to submit an entry, just click here to send it to me!

Following is the inspiration for creation of this site:
Uncle Bo,
I have a poem I'm working on about my Dad, it may stay the same, I may change it over time. Thought you wouldn't mind reading it. Along those same lines I was thinking that in our large family there are others interested in poetry and I'm sure have written some poems. Is it possible to have an option, forum, or folder dedicated to poems written by family members? I would really like to read what others have written.
Jerry Jones, January 4th, 2005

As I began to think about Jerry's idea I thought of using Tripod since I had built other sites and knew how to proceed.  As I began I decided it would be good to expand the idea to include, not just poems, but stories, diaries and history. When finished I hope this site will be a place where any family member can go, to not only be educated about our family but to enjoy reading what some of them have written.  You will find letters and poems written as far back as the Civil War days more than one-hundred and forty years ago!
Bo Woods, January 12, 2005

CBS Evening News sometimes has a feature where a roving reporter goes into a town somewhere around the country, opens a phone book and without reading he picks a person's name at random.  Then he goes and interviews that person and tells a story about him or her.  They call this feature, "Everybody Has a Story".  And that is true.  Each one of you that reads this has a story to tell, or has written a poem.  Please share them with all of us.