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January 15, 1991


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Fifty years ago today, Mama began a diary in which she made daily entries for about five months.  The book is in very bad shape with many loose pages.  I have enjoyed reading her words and think you will too. Since it is not practical for everyone with an interest to actually read the diary itself, I have transcribed the entire text of her diary and am sending each of you a copy.


On January 7, 1941, she wrote a preface to the diary in which her final sentence is, "These are just a few of my thoughts, that I hope someone may enjoy reading some future day".  So you can see that she wrote with the intention that the diary be read and enjoyed.


Reading the diary will bring back many memories, some of them sad, but most are not.  If our children and grandchildren will read this, it will be a revelation as to how life was in those days.


Contact with, and dependence on neighbors was a necessity in those days.  There was a lot of visiting and borrowing and sharing that I think was better than what is common today.


I hope all of you have a happy, healthy 1991.  Come to see us.  Our address is 3805 Vista Road, Pasadena 77504 and our phone is 713-944-9724.


Love, Bo


Before our Brown reunion in 2000 I copied all of Mama's diaries and bound them into books.  I took about 50 copies with me to the reunion and handed them out.  Maybe some of you didn't get copies or don't have yours at problem, you can read them right here.  Following is the preface to the book of diaries:


Wednesday, May 31, 2000


Several years ago, I transposed Mama’s diaries and gave copies to my brothers and sisters, and also to my children and a few others.  Aunt Mildred Brown Ross told me often how much she enjoyed reading what Mama had written.


What she wrote is very revealing about the person she was and the life that she led.  It tells a lot about what it was like to be very poor, living on a farm with just the bare necessities of life. 


Some of the things we did not have were: electric lights, (no electricity), a refrigerator, a radio, an alarm clock (most of the time), a car, a telephone (most of the time), air conditioning, a bathroom, and countless other things that are common place and taken for granted today.


What we did have: a roof over our heads, a garden, milk cows, a team (during most of my years that was a horse and a mule), enough to eat most of the time……such as it was.  We also had good neighbors, a loving family, each other and our faith that God would see us through. 


I know Mama would be proud to have you read her words.


John Tom “Bo” Woods





DIARY – 1941


Tuesday, January 7, 1941


"The home, the roof tree, the hearth,

A sacred house, a reality in a world

of restless rain,


Imaginings, something to come back to

and shelter in.


Where we are humble, happy and conscious

of the human essence of things, of love

and pity,


The invisible presence of sad and gentle



Where we know laughter and tears, as time

silently flows on."


We all had a nice Christmas, but it was not complete without our Jamie.  He sent each one a gift, and we were very proud.  All our folks were together at Papa's on Christmas day, except Kate and family.  All my family but Lloyd visited Sister and Cleo in the home of Mr and Mrs Roberts.  Spent a pleasant day.  We also went to Mildred's one day.  Jean came home with us. Each of us received a gift from Lloyd, his girifriend Ruth Hardeman of Longview and Sister and Cleo.  Monnie Bess and Nell put up a Christmas tree and decorated it pretty, while Ray, Patsy, Bo and I went to Marshall shopping. Sister went with us.  Lloyd spent the holidays bird hunting.


Hoping we may continue through 1941, our pursuit of happiness, enjoy good health and as much prosperity as God sees fit to bestow upon us.


I only ask for bread and strength to "carry on".


These are just a few of my thoughts, that I hope some one may enjoy reading some future day.


Wednesday,January 15

Sister came today to stay with us while Cleo went South to look for work.  Washed today - warm.


Thursday, January 16

Cold.  Willis came.  Sister and I went with him to Mrs Nannie’s – Papa and Mrs. Sallie Lee were there.  I finished her dress, also sent Billy Dove her dress that M.B. made in Home Economics - Nell made one for Billy Wanda Kelly.


Friday, January 17

Ironed.  Real cold.  Mr Joe killed hogs - Sister went through all her junk and sorted out all she wanted.  Had lots of fun reading Buna's old letters.


Saturday, January 18

Still cold.  Jim helped Ray kill a hog - Sister mixed the sausage and we had lots of fun;  She makes the biscuit,learning to "choke them off" as Mrs Roberts says – Joe came after Monnie Bess but she wouldn't go.  James is 23 yrs. old.  Wish he was here with his sunny smile.  Wonder why I don't hear from him?  Patsy Ruth recited "Daughter Bessie" for us - it was funny.  Today Jamie is 23 years old.


Sunday, January 19

Church day, but no way to go.  Ray walked and went.  We all spent the day reading.  Driskell wrecked his Dad's car.  He respects no one, not even himself.


Monday, January 20

A pretty day.  Patsy stayed home with a cold and fever. Monnie Bess stayed home because a wisdom tooth was hurting.  She and Sister scrubbed the house and kitchen. Sister got two letters from Cleo.  He went to work in Freeport on January 18 at $4.50 a day on a construction job.


Tuesday, January 21

Got out all the quilt scraps and helped Sister cut quilt pieces.  Ray still working at the mill.  All went to school.


Wednesday, January 22

Nothing happened.  Cut quilt pieces all day.  Really enjoy Sister being at home.  She is so pleasant and good to me. M.B. went home with Nelwyn, also Jean went too.  They all went with Margaret and Floyd to a party at Willie D. Craigs.


Thursday, January 23

Washed.  A pretty day.  Sister got two letters from Cleo - he has an apartment rented.  He and John Coleman are living in it.  Will come after Sister Sunday.  Warm. Harold Gene came home with Bo.  A bad cloud is in the Northwest.


Friday, January 24

Rained last night, real cold this morning.  We slept till nearly bus time and the kids left without any breakfast. Sara and Lynwood came this afternoon.  He ate baked potatoes.  Sister and I finished cutting quilt pieces. She will have many stitches to take to get them all pieced.  Driskell has another car.  Just like Lloyd's.


Saturday, January 25

Cloudy and cold.  Sara came to borrow sugar.  Mrs Kelly came awhile and brought pieces for Odd Fellow quilts, but hers is finished.  Cleo came at 3:30.  Sister got all her things and they left for Mrs Roberts.  Will leave for Angleton Sunday morning.  Hate to see them go so far, but I'm glad he has work, for I want them to have a home of their own.  Buna and B.F. came and talked till dark.  Same old Buna.  Letter from James.


Sunday, January 26

A lonesome day.  Read some good stories.  Ray went to singing.  We miss Sister so much.  One child does not fill another's place because they all have a different personality, and she is one of the best.  May good fortune and a happy useful life be hers.


Monday, January 27

A pretty day, but I felt so lonesome, went to Mrs Nannie's.  She was alone too and glad to see me.  We pieced quilts.  Silver got M.B.'s lunch so she came home half starved.  Driskell wrecked the new car last night, had to take six stitches in his head - What will become of him?  Ray and "Pickle" went to Beckville, traded horses, got a nice young mule.


Tuesday, January 28

Such a spring like day.  I cleaned out the chicken house, made new nests, swept some in the yard, and raked and burned trash outside.  Went to see Mrs Kelly awhile.


Wednesday, January 29

A pretty day.  Cleaned out the spring and washed.  Got a long letter from Sister.  They are settled in their apartment in Angleton, Brazoria County.  Billy Hugh Harris and Junior Garner came after two cows.  Ray let Mr Harris have them in the horse trade.


Thursday, January 30

This week is just like spring, so warm and pretty.  Ray, John, Hubert, Drew and two negroes are working the young mule.  She worked nicely.  Drew ate dinner.


Friday, January 31

Colder.  I cleaned out the bookcase and dresser drawer. Sorted and burnt letters, pictures etc.  Cooked no dinner.


Saturday, February 1

M.B. ironed and Nell embroidered and put away the clothes. Rained all day.  Ray and Drew carried a wagon to Arthur Thrasher.  Ray went to town with "Fid" and "Pickle"  A letter from Jewel.  A letter and tax money from Lloyd.


Sunday, February 2

A cold bad day.  No use to look down the road to see if Sister and Cleo are coming.  Nothing to do but read.  We parched peanuts.  Ray walked over to Jones' to see if they would saw some wood.  No luck.  M.B. has a funny spell on and is acting.  Bo is reading "Huckleberry Finn".  I cut Patsy Ruth's hair.  Don't feel good today.  Patsy is writing - history.


Monday, February 3

I sewed most all day.  Made an apron for M>B. to wear in Home Economics class.  Ray and Drew sawed wood for them and us too.  Drew stayed all night.  Parched peanuts. Cold. No mail.  Mrs Kelly had six teeth pulled.


Tuesday, February 4

Today I passed the 49th milestone in life and turned over the shady side of the hill, but due to my good health, I do not feel old.  And I feel that there is much in life for me yet.  At least I have eight precious boys and girls to live for that fill my days.  I try to look above all discouragement and to see the sunshine.  Three children are out in the world away from the home circle but they are no less in my thoughts than the others.  Put up a quilt.  No mail.  Cathryn Tucker buried today.


Wednesday, February 5

Quilted and cooked dinner.  A very interesting letter from. Sister and $1.00 to buy something for a birthday present that I appreciated more than she will ever know.  Ray went to Long Branch with A.V.  Got 10 eggs today.  The mill is shut down as it rains so much they can't haul logs.


Thursday, February 6

Raining.  Ray and Odie are making singletrees in the shop. Margaret and Jean came last night.  Floyd and Donald carried M. and M.B. to Henderson to see "Northwest Passage".  Jean and Nell studied science last night.  Sold eggs today for $0.11 dozen.  Got good flour from Mutt for $1.29, his pickup is stuck in Kelly lane.  Finished my quilt. Ray went to ball game at Carthage on the bus.  Got a birthday card from Kate.


Friday, February 7

Freezing cold but sun is shining.  Cooked dinner for Ray, Drew and "Pickle" Jones.  They are hauling logs to mill (Ash and Sweetgum) to make a lot fence, cultivator and library table. Hemmed my quilt and pieced on Mrs Kelly's Odd Fellow.  No mail.


Saturday, February 8

We meant to wash, but is too cold.  Boys hauled logs all day.  We did nothing of importance.


Sunday, February 9

Still cold.  M.B. went to Sunday School with Margaret. Nothing to do but read.  Nell and I made caramel pies for dinner.  Jim Gaston came on a bicycle and ate dinner here. Bo is almost sick with a cold.


Monday, February 10

A beautiful, warm day.  Did a big washing.  Bo stayed at home sick with a cold.  Ray worked at mill till dinner, then he, Drew and B.F. hauled posts, firewood and wash wood.  Bo got up after dinner and we built a chicken coop.


Tuesday, February 11

A fine day.  Bo still sick.  Ray worked at mill.  Ironed part of clothes.


Wednesday, February 12

Cold, partly cloudy, and an unusual terrific wind from the south.  Spent the day at Mrs Nannie's and made her a print dress.  M.B. went home with Margaret.  Bo went to school. No mail today.  Wish I could hear from Sister and James again.


Thursday, February 13

Cooler, sandstorm from west.  A long lonely day.  A letter from Sister - real interesting.  Bought groceries from Mutt.  Eggs are $0.10.  Got 14 eggs today.


Friday, February 14

Cold and clear.  Ironed quilt scraps and pieced on quilt. Nothing to break the monotony but an occasional passerby. Got two magazines when the mail came.


Saturday, February 15

Ironed and cleaned house.  Patsy had a birthday party - Bobbie Joe and Brownie came on bicycle and spent the night.  Willis came.  Nell, Patsy and I went to church with him.  We went by Roy's and stayed awhile.  A pretty day.


Sunday, February 16

Patsy Ruth's birthday.  She is 12 years old.  Jaunita Pellham spent the day.  Ray went to church.


Monday, February 17

Cold east wind.  Made soap.  Helped Ray in garden. Cleaned out potato house.  Letter and receipt from Mr. Tillery for $10.00 James sent N.F.L.B.  Wrote to Sister. Ray is gone fox hunting tonight.  This morning he went to Mr. Josh's to get plow points sharpened.


Tuesday, February 18

A pretty day.  Ray built a lot.  Washed this evening. Patsy got her new shoes.  Albert Carter from Longview stopped by to see us.  Hunting a ledge of rock on our farm that he saw in 1931 and thought he could probably use it in building his new home.


Wednesday, February 19

Cold east wind and rain.  Bo has been in bed all day with fever and earache.  Ray plowed up garden.  Ironed this afternoon.  M.B. got her shoes.  Raining hard tonight. M.B. went home with Jean.  Webster came after eggs.


Thursday, February 20

Still cold and cloudy.  Bo still sick in bed.  Got a letter from Sister.  Cooked dinner on the fire for Ray. Bo and I also popped some corn.


Friday, February 21

Cold.  Bo gets worse. - crying with earache.  Jim, Drew, Pickle and Ray sawed wood - ate dinner here.  Ray and John Wilbert have gone to Beckville to phone Lloyd to come home and take Bo to doctor.


Saturday, February 22

Cold east wind continues to blow.  Ray hauled wood and fixed the disc.  Lloyd came at one o'clock, his ball team was playing in a tournament and won the city championship. We carried Bo to Dr. Boren and had his ears treated.  He cried all the way home but is sleeping now.


Sunday, February 23

Colder than ever today.  Bo is better.  Cooked dinner and parched peanuts.  Patsy went to Mrs Nannie's after milk. Lloyd left about 1:30 and it started raining about 2 O'clock.  Such a bad day and is pouring down now at 8 P.M.


Monday, February 24

Still cold but not raining.  Bo is still better, is reading in bed.  Too bad to do any kind of work, so dark and cloudy.  Read and patched overalls.  Ray went to Mr. Kelley's to get a book to read.  Got a nice letter from Jamie - wish the dear child was here - I feel so lonesome for his cheerful presence sometimes, and he is so far away - In the middle of Pacific Ocean, in Hawaii.


Tuesday, February 25

Still cold but the sun peeped out a few minutes this morning, but rained a little late this evening.  Ray, Jim and Drew sawed and hauled wood all day.  Bo sat up and went to kitchen and ate supper, but then his ear got worse and he cried till 10 o'clock with it.  Ray went to Roy Gentry's after western story books.  Billy is gone to Kaufman to her foster brother's funeral.  He died in Detroit Michigan.  Nell went home with Helen.


Wednesday, February 26

Still cold and cloudy.  Bo stayed in bed all day.  Got a letter from Sister.  It made my day brighter but made me feel sad too.  She should have no regrets as to trouble she caused while growing up.  I wish every mother's daughter was as good as her.  Ray went to Fairplay in wagon after seed.  Mr Joe came to borrow sugar.  Mrs Kelly got her work card to cook at Beckville school.


Thursday, February 27

Clear and sunshining today.  First time in 17 days.  Bo is better.  Cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen, ironed kitchen window curtains.  Ray went to Beckville with Grady Dunn after nails - got a hair cut.  M.B. went to Shreveport with the Seniors to see "Macbeth" played and she fainted. Patsy went with Mr. Gentry to Carthage to try out for declaiming but Sue Dean was best.  Ray is gone fox hunting.  Finished reading "The Blind Man's House" by Hugh Walpole.  A good lesson in it.


Friday, February 28

Clear and cold.  Washed this evening.  Ray built a cowpen.  Bo got up for the first time in ten days.


Saturday, March 1

A pretty day.  Nell and I ironed.  M.B. went with a bunch of girls horseback riding.  Patsy and Bo had a good time playing.


Sunday, March 2

Cloudy.  No company.  We had baked chicken and dressing for dinner.  Ray went to Jim's awhile.  Patsy and Bo played all day.  I read "The Good Earth", by Pearl Buck but almost wish I hadn't.  It was terrible, the story of the famine in China.


Monday, March 3

A fine day but cold.  Made Mrs Kelly two cook aprons and ironed three dresses for her too as she is working.  Ray plowed all day.


Tuesday, March 4

Such a pretty day, guess everyone enjoyed the sunshine. Went to Jaunita's to a quilting with Blanche.  Spent the day pleasantly.  Lots of nice dinner and something new to think about.  Heard that Mittie Pearl and Brumley were married.  Good luck to them.  We quilted three quilts. Willis came awhile this morning.  Jewel has a baby boy.


Wednesday, March 5

Rather cold today.  I have the "going" fever.  Spent today with Gladys.  Pieced on my quilt.  Rode the bus home.  Got a long interesting letter from Sister.  We want to see her so much.  Nell went home with Jean - Ray went to Beckville to get parts for plow.  Subscribed for Capper's Farmer and got four pretty bowls as premium from Mr Pat King of Mt. Pleasant.


Thursday, March 6

Raining and cold.  Mrs Kelly came this morning and rode bus to Carthage.  Set a quilt together and cooked dinner. Had supper ready when the children came in.  Rained hard all day.


Friday, March 7

Raining and cold.  Pieced quilts and cut pieces too.  Ray went to town with Roy Gentry and B.F. Twomey.


Saturday, March 8

Weather is still bad.  Willis came for me to go help Jewel.  Enjoyed being with them and helping.  Willis went to town and bought me a 48 lb can of lard for $2.25.  Mrs. Sally Lee gave me a bed spread that belonged to my grandmother. Read a letter from Marjorie to Willis, telling him about Ruthie.  Clouds all passed away this afternoon and the stars are shining.


Sunday, March 9

A pretty day.  Cooked dinner for Jewel. Papa, Willis and Jim went to church.  Bro. E.E. Jones preached.  Willis brought me home this evening.  Jewel named the baby Edwin Ross.  Lucille named her boy Franklin Neal.


Monday, March 10

Clear, cold and windy.  Washed and nearly froze.  Ray wentto Beckville, on horseback, to get his plow but it hadn't come.


Tuesday, March 11

Clear but rather cold.  Went to quilting at Loraine's. Got out two for her and one for Fay.  Such a nice dinner and enjoyed the day.  Joy Nell came home with Patsy and Bo went home with Junior Pollard.  Ray plowed.  Andrew started working today.  He will work 8 acres here.  The bus stayed for a volley ball game.  Today is Willis' birthday.


Wednesday, March 12

Raining again and cold.  Ray cut bushes.  Ironed all the clothes this evening.  Jean came tonight.  Got a long letter from Sister.  She has been sick. I'm so sorry. Wish she could be with us more often.


Thursday, March 13

Clear and windy today.  Went to quilting at Billy's, almost finished two quilts.  Came home on the bus.  Mr. Alford Harris was buried at Connor cemetery.  Mrs Kelly came by to see me awhile, but I was gone.  Sorry.


Friday, March 14

Felt bad all day - didn't do much but cook dinner and cut out a shirt for Brownie.  This is Kate's birthday.  I would enjoy seeing and talking with her once again.


Saturday, March 15

Rained a little.  Nell, Patsy and Bo went to Carthage to play ball, but they didn't play on account of rain.  Made Brownie's shirt and fixed M.B.'s dress.  Mrs Kelly came awhile. Ray went to town with John, got his plow and came back with Ben Weir.  Got letter from James.  No church tonight as Bro Wolverton's mother and sister are in hospital.


Sunday, March 16

A pretty day after a hard rain last night.  Joe came awhile then Pickle and John.  Ray went to church and we were gladly surprised to see Sister, Topsy and Eloise drive up, but only stayed a little while as they had to go back at 4 and were with some other folks from Freeport. Sister brought a lot of comics.  Wish she could have stayed longer.  I get so anxious to see her.


Monday, March 17

Such a cold east wind.  Pieced quilts, too cold to work. Willis came to see if I wanted to go to Carthage.  Ray walked to Fairplay to see about fertilizer.  Got a letter from Lloyd, he has worked hard to be successful - may the road of life be smooth for him.


Tuesday, March 18

Still cold and snowed and sleeted a little, also a little sunshine.  Betty and Mrs Linnie came for me to go to quilting at Linnie Belle's - had such a nice time.  Got out four quilts and hemmed three.  James sent a group picture of Btry “C” from Hawaii.  Such a pleasant looking group of men.  James looks so well and fine.  Wish I could see him -he is so much sunshine.  Patsy went to Carthage to play ball - got beat.


Wednesday, March 19

Cold east wind, no sunshine.  Ray plowed all day and hauled a load of strips.  I went up to Mrs Nannie's awhile and also ironed Mrs Kelly's clothes.  Doyle Abernathy brought fertilizer and hay.  Mr Claytie Jones was operated on at TriState.  He is a good man, calm and unafraid. Nell's shoes came.


Thursday, March 20

Rained all night and all day today, and is real cold.  Ray read "A Texas Ranger".  I pieced quilts.  Letter from Sister.


Friday, March 21

A pretty day.  Nell, Patsy and Bo went to County Meet. Monnie Bess and I washed.  Letter from Lloyd, but no help. Ray went to Marshall with A.V. and Hubert.  There's so much responsibility on Ray's young shoulders but he never shirks his duty.  A party at the school-house tonight. Set one hen today.


Saturday, March 22

We took advantage of this beautiful day and scrubbed floors, swept yards and ironed.  Ray made a business trip to Carthage, but no luck - What next??  Bo went with Buddie to County Meet - was in relay running but got beat.


Sunday, March 23

A pretty day, but lonesome, read the book "Doomsday" by Warwick Deeping.  It was sad but good, teaching one the real meaning of life and the love of home.  Mr Claytie is slowly improving.  Danny has the whooping cough, or they would have come today, maybe.


Monday, March 24

Cold and misting rain.  Made Jewel's dress and fixed Nell's skirt.  Ray went to Beckville and got garden seed, plants, potatoes and groceries.  Cleaned out flour box and cooked supper early, made devil's food cake for lunches. Arthur came and bought hog from Ray for $10.00.  Ray went to Mr Josh's to get plow point sharpened.  Mrs Kelly went to town and got a bushel of apples and sent the kids some.


Tuesday, March 25

Cold east wind, cloudy.  Worked buttonholes in Jewel's bonnet and pieced on my quilt.  Cut pieces too for Nell's quilt.  Ray plowed all day then went to Mr Scott's after fertilizer distributor.  I also trimmed up the little peach trees.  No mail today.  M.B. and Nell went to see "Gone With The Wind".  Patsy and Bo had to walk home as the bus stayed at Carthage for show.  Webster came for me to make out an order and brought some apples.


Wednesday, March 26

Another cold windy day with a little rain.  Pieced on quilt, cooked dinner and wrote to Sister.  Got a letter from her and Ray got one from James.  M.B. went home with Nelwyn to go to schoolhouse to F.F.A. program and party. Ray went to party too.


Thursday, March 27

Not so cold and the sun shined.  Washed.  Ray fixed garden ready to plant.  Ray went with John tonight to Carthage to fox hunt with John Matthews.  Webster and Luther came to borrow coal oil.


Friday, March 28

Planted part of garden, got so cold I had to quit.  Ray put out fertilizer.  Lloyd came home for weekend.  Bo went fishing with Mr. Gentry.


Saturday, March 29

Ray and Pickle planted corn.  A pretty day.  Finished planting garden and potatoes.  Lloyd went to Carthage. Ray went hunting again.  Brownie came on bicycle.


Sunday, March 30

A pretty day, but no company.  Lloyd brought lots of magazines.


Monday, March 31

Rained last night.  Made Billy's dress and a quilt lining. Ray is nearly sick but is going to agriculture meeting at Fairplay.


Tuesday, April 1

A beautiful day - School kids went to Buckner on a picnic.  I went to quilting at Lona Shivers, had a nice time.  Got out three quilts.  One of them was Margie Fay's.


Wednesday, April 2

Warm.  Washed this evening.  Bo and Pat caught enough fish for breakfast after they came from school.  Estelle (Jones) Burns twin baby boys died.  Mr Claytie came home.


Thursday, April 3

Had a flood, hail and wind last night.  Ray, Pickle and Drew have gone fishing - but water was so high they had to come back.  I made an apron for Mrs Kelly to send to Mildred and went to Mrs Nannie's.  She gave me a setting of eggs.  Emmy came home with Pat - they caught several fish.  I wrote Sister.


Friday, April 4

Ironed and put in quilt.  Feel bad.


Saturday, April 5

M.B. ironed Mrs Kelly's clothes.  We set out onions and cabbage and bedded sweet potatoes.  Willis came to carry Bo fishing, but Ray and Bo were gone to creek.  Nell and I have sore throats and fever.  Patsy set a hen.


Sunday, April 6

A pretty day.  The boys came in early with eight fish. Mildred and family came, brought Roy and family too. Alden and Louise came awhile.  M.B. went with a crowd to the river on a picnic.


Monday, April 7

Rained last night, but is pretty today.  Nell is sick - stayed at home.  I'm taking a cold and feel bad.  Made Mrs Kelly a bonnet and apron and a dress for Billy.  We finished planting potatoes.  Ray worked in the "new ground".  Monnie Bess got her new dress and Nell ordered one.  Bo walked home from school and is fishing now.


Tuesday, April 8

A beautiful day.  I worked in garden and quilted.  Didn't feel like going to the quilting at Mrs Alice Brooks. Hetty and Adele stopped by to see if I wanted to go to Beckville, but didn't go.  Ray helped Pickle plant corn. Patsy went home with Joyce and the girls all went with Buddie and Winnie to Buckner to fish awhile.


Wednesday, April 9

Washed and worked in garden.  Didn't cook any dinner as Ray was still helping Pickle and carried a lunch.  When Bo came home, I went fishing with him and I caught three, then he and Patsy caught six more.  Cooked them for supper.  Mr John Snelgrove of Chapman was shot and killed by Mr Ira Tate.  I've known him all my life.  One of his nieces was my dearest friend.  She has long ago passed on into that land from whence no traveler returns.


Thursday, April 10

Didn't do anything much as I felt too bad - planted a few butter beans.  Went to Carthage this morning with Charley and Blanche.  Bo has a sore throat and stayed at home.


Friday, April II

No school today, an Easter holiday.  Bo and Patsy went on the bus to Shreveport with all the school and teachers. M.B. and Nell started their dresses, but M.B. took a fever and had to go to bed.  Sarah came to bring coffee home. She set some eggs for me as two of my hens quit their nests.


Saturday, April 12

At 3:45 this morning, Frank and Ruth came.  Stayed till after breakfast and left.  Had been to Tennessee hunting a job.  M.B. is sick, high fever.  Pat and Bo have fever too.  I think they have the flu.  Finished Nell's dress and we ironed.


Sunday, April 13

A beautiful day, but lonely.  Children are sick.  Bo cried with earache.  M.B. has a high fever, guess Patsy had a chill.  Mrs Kelly came awhile.  Looked for Lloyd but he didn't come.  Took off 13 little chicks.


Monday, April 14

Children are still sick.  Mr Barnett sent medicine by mail.  Ray went to Fairplay and to Mr. Josh's to fix cultivator.  Hoed in garden and waited on the sick.  Sara Emma came to borrow meal, and took some eggs that a hen had quit and set them for me.  Emma Lee is at home.  Bo still has earache.  He needs his head treated, or tonsils removed or something.


Tuesday, April 15

Children are still sick, but Pat and Bo are better.  Ray is working on cultivator at Mr Josh's.   Letter from Sister, she is at Mr Roberts.  Said she was coming over here this evening but didn't.  Hoed in garden.


Wednesday, April 16

Pat went to school - Poor little Bo has an earache so much.  M.B. may be a little better, but can't eat, and Nell came in sick from school.  Pleurisy pains in her chest and has fever.  I finished hoeing garden.  Ray is plowing - Sister hasn't come yet.  Wish she would.


Thursday, April 17

Monnie Bess and Nell are sick, wish M.B. could get better. Sister and Cleo came this afternoon.  So glad to see them. Emma Lee came awhile.  Cleo and Bo went fishing.  Cleo, Ray and Bo went to Fairplay after supper and got M.B. a coke and 7-Up and brought all of us some ice cream.  Duane came too with Sister, he is cute.  Bo went to school today.


Friday, April 18

Looked like rain.  We did a big washing.  Cleo went home this morning but came back this afternoon and brought M.B. some medicine and oranges.  She is a little better.  The boys have gone frog hunting.  Bo is happy as a lark if he is with Cleo. Grady Dunn cui Bo’s hair today.


Saturday, April 19

Rained enough to keep Ray from plowing so they went to creek fishing.  M.B. is better, can sit up a little.  We all took a nap after dinner and ironed.  We had 10 frogs legs for breakfast.  Mrs Kelly is sick too.  Cold tonight after the rain but has faired off - pretty.


Sunday, April 20

A beautiful day.  Everyone is able to go to the table for dinner.  Had chicken dressing.  Sister and Cleo went to his Mothers for a few days.  Seems so lonely since they are gone.  Went to see Mrs Kelly awhile.  She is better. Ray got a haircut and went to church.


Monday, April 21

Looked like it would rain all day.  Ironed some and went to Mrs Nannie's.  M.B. didn't feel like going to school. Ray and Pickle finished planting corn.  Got a letter from James, he had nearly got his eyes put out by rock particles where they were blasting rocks.  Also got a card from Lloyd.


Tuesday, April 22

Rained a little and is real cold.  Willis, Roy, Mr Joe and I went to Carthage.  M.B. is still very weak and stayed home again.  Patsy went to Margie Brooks to spend the night.  Mrs. Kelly sent me $0.50 for gas money.


Wednesday, April 23

Rained, also cold.  Quilted this evening.  M.B. still didn't go to school.  Letter from Sister - she is keeping house for Cleo's folks while his mother is gone to FT. Worth.


Thursday, April 24

Still cool and rainy.  Went to Mrs Nannie's and got 12 little chicks, worked in garden.  M.B. went to school but still feels bad.  Set out 120 tomato plants and planted watermelons.


Friday, April 25

A pretty day - Washed and worked in garden also ironed Mrs. Kelly's clothes.  Letter from Sister, didn't say when she would come back.  Dewey Faulkner brought corn and hay.


Saturday, April 26

Ironed and cooked dinner.  Children replanted corn.  Mrs. Kelly came by for awhile.  Sister and Cleo came awhile tonight.  He is going to Freeport Sunday and she will come stay with us a few days when Mrs Roberts comes home.


Sunday, April 27

Another long lonesome day - Wanted to go to Papa's, but no way.  Betty and Aaron came by - Maurine stayed with Nell.


Monday, April 28

Cleaned house all day and I'm tired.  Ray fixed cucumber patch ready to plant.  Pat went to Ellie's after verbena plants and missed the bus - had to walk home.  Bo went up to Mrs Nannie's and got four little chickens.  M.B. and Pat went to Mrs  Kelly's


Tuesday, April 29

Misting rain.  Ray had to come to house at 11 o'clock, but it quit raining about one o'clock.  Worked in garden.


Wednesday, April 30

Looks like rain.  I went on bus to Lantie's to sign for mattress.  Got a lot of pepper plants - stopped and gave Sara some and sent Mrs. Kelly some.  Worked in garden. Sister came this afternoon.  Showers.  M.B. went home with Jean.


Thursday, May 1

Washed today.  M.B. and Sister hoed in garden.


Friday, May 2

Today is Ray's 20th birthday.  Had fried chicken for dinner.  Hubert Taylor came after Sister as Cleo phoned for her to come to Freeport.  He is working again.  Wish she could have stayed longer, but her place is with him. Lloyd came home.  Bo went to Gray's and got two gallons of strawberries.  Sara came to borrow some chili powder. Seems so lonely since Sister is gone.  She is so much sunshine.


Saturday, May 3

We started planting cucumbers, but it rained.  Lloyd went to river squirrel hunting.  Mrs Kelly came to cut out her three dresses.  I sewed on Mattress tick and washed Lloyd's clothes.


Sunday, May 4

Cloudy and rather cool.  Leonard spent the day here. Nothing interesting, but read or sleep.  Wonder if Sister got to her new home alright.  Wish she could be close to us.


Monday, May 5

Rained all last night, hard.  Pat, Bo and I went fishing and rambling over all Smith's pasture.  Just got back when it started raining hard.  Ray went to Beckville horseback and came in wet.  Raining now too.


Tuesday, May 6

Rain! Rain! Rain!  Will it never cease?  At twelve today the sun came out and the clouds all quickly passed away. Scrubbed the kitchen and worked in yard awhile.


Wednesday, May 7

A beautiful day.  Worked on mattress and rode the bus home.  Ray and Bo worked on field fence so we could pasture cows in the woods.  Willis is here tonight.  M.B. went home with Nelwyn.


Thursday, May 8

Finished mattresses today.  Brought mine home in wagon with L.C., Mary Lou and Lola.  Betty Sue came home with Patsy Ruth.  Ray worked on road so the bus could get over it.


Friday, May 9

Did a big washing today.  Patsy went to spend night with Betty Sue.  They are having a kid party.  Went up to Mrs Nannie's awhile.  M.B. started her slacks.  Lloyd came.


Saturday, May 10

Rained last night.  We ironed and finished M.B.'s slacks. Lloyd and Bo went squirrel hunting.  Killed three.  Lloyd went to Beckville.


Sunday, May 11  MOTHER'S DAY

Lloyd brought a lovely pair of pillow slips, embroidered by Ruth Hardeman, for my gift.  Sister sent material for a dress and slip.  Very nice.  James sent a card with a beautiful verse that I know was sincere.  It is so pleasant to be remembered by lovely children like mine.


Monday, May 12

Got two letters from Sister.  There is nothing much to write these days but-work, work, work, but I'm very thankful that I can help the children, and try to fill my small corner in this world.


Tuesday, May 13

Planted cucumbers today.  The weather is lovely now, everyone is very busy.


Wednesday, May 14

Thrashed peas and planted butter beans in the "new ground".  Patsy helped me.  Ray and Bo are plowing.


Thursday, May 15

Patsy and I washed and thrashed more peas.  Nell went home with Jean.


Friday, May 16

Dropped peanuts most all day.  Ray and Bo planted peas. Went to Mrs. Kelly's for awhile.  Nelwyn was operated on for appendicitis.


Saturday, May 17

Have had fine weather all week.  Children thinned and re-planted corn today.  Mrs Nannie and Boots came.  He and Bo went fishing.  Hetty and Ray stopped by.  Charley shot my big rooster and paid me $0.50 for it. My iron is out of order so there is no ironing done.


Sunday, May 18

Another lovely day.  No company.


Monday, May 19

Made Nell a white blouse.  She worked on her slacks when she came from school.


Tuesday, May 20

Hoed in garden and made Nell's jacket.  Rained some.  Ray went to Carthage to Agricultural school.


Wednesday, May 21

Hoed in garden, the grass is growing.  The bus carried the high school students on a picnic to Rose Hill Lake and stayed in Carthage that night for show.  Ray went to Carthage tonight.


Thursday, May 22

M.B. and Nell will finish up their school work today. Boys are very busy plowing.  Ray takes his exams tonight. They brought Nelwyn home today - hope she gets well now.


Friday, May 23

We washed today.  Ray is helping Pickle plant cotton. Made Sister a print dress.


Saturday, May 24

Made M.B. a dress to wear to graduation exercises. Patched overalls and did a jillion odd jobs,  Jim came to fish with Bo.


Sunday, May 25

Didn't cook much dinner.  Nothing to do but read McCall's, Journal and Red Book, very interesting.  Ray went to singing.  Mattie stopped and gave M.B. the loveliest dress.  Margie played with Pat while they went to singing. This morning Bo and Pat took a lunch and had a picnic down in Smith's pasture.  Willis came awhile.  Felton carried M.B. to Baccalaureate sermon.


Monday, May 26

Ray, Clyde J., and Bo planted cotton.  I picked enough berries to can nine jars.  Soil Conservation men are mapping the farm.  We are preparing to go to graduation exercises tonight.  Felton is coming after us.  They have been so very nice to us.  John Hull sent word by Joe that Ray had a mapping job.  His grade was "Good".


Tuesday, May 27

We are all sleepy and tired from our trip last night. Fixed my iron and we got nearly all our clothes and Mrs Kelly's ironed.  Ray finished planting cotton.


Wednesday, May 28

Made light bread today.  Ray went to John Hulls to make arrangements for his work.  Edmond will be his chain man and use his car.  We quilted a lot on my quilt this evening.  Ray plowed garden.


Thursday, May 29

The children hoed the cucumbers and I made Mrs Nannie a dress.


Friday, May 30

Lloyd came home - school is out.  He and Willis went to river squirrel hunting.  Nell and Pat put fertilizer around corn.  M.B. and I washed.  Picked berries this morning.


Saturday, May 31

Made Willis two shirts.  Ironed some.  Nell and I pulled up potato slips.  M.B. scrubbed the floor and ironed Lloyd's clothes.


Sunday, June 1

Ray went to river on a picnic with a crowd of young folks. Margaret and Floyd came to see M.B.


Monday, June 2

We finished the quilt and ironed rough clothes and started my dress.  M.B. and Bo went fishing.  Roy came tonight to get Ray and M.B. to go to Henderson for a blood test, as Nelwyn is in hospital again and must have a blood transfusion.  Rained a good shower.


Tuesday, June 3

Floyd came by at 5 o'clock for Ray and M.B. to go to Henderson.  They found Roy's, Hay's and Floyd's blood to be right for Nelwyn.  She is very weak.  Picked and canned 6 qts berries.  Took off 13 little chicks.


Wednesday, June 4


Thursday, June 5

Washed, picked and canned six qts berries.  Lloyd came home.  Nelwyn is at home and is better.  M.B. made the dress Aunt Ella sent her.


Friday, June 6

Spent today at Roy's.  He brought me home.  Raining tonight.  Ray got a negro boy named Thomas Williams to work.  Started today.


Saturday, June 7

A terrible rain fell this morning.  Will cause lots more work.  M.B. and Nell ironed and I made Willis two shirts. Ray, Bo, Roy Gentry and his boys went fishing.  No luck.


Sunday, June 8

Nothing worth mentioning.  Seems like Sunday is a lonely day.  Wish Sister and James were here.


Monday, June 9

Ray worked for Roy as he is sick.  Roy Gentry's boys came to spend the day.  Thomas and Bo cut bushes and coffee weeds.  We washed this morning.  Leonard came this evening, but Lloyd was gone and he helped us stick butter-beans.  He is a good sort of fellow and is counting the days till he has to report to the army.


Tuesday, June 10

Ray, Bo and M.B. went to Roy's to work again.  Had another big rain this evening.  M.B. and Bo stayed all night at Roy's.  He has malaria fever.


Wednesday, June 11

Too wet to plow, so Ray, Bo and Thomas went to set out potato slips for Roy.  Joe helped them work Roy's young mule.  M.B. came home.


Thursday, June 12

We set out sweet potatoes.  Edmond quit Ray, so he is greatly worried, but Lloyd says he will help him some way to get a car.  They and Bo went to Henderson, Longview and Beckville.


Friday, June 13

My iron is out of order so we borrowed Mrs Nannie's old fashioned irons and got through before dinner.  Ray went to work in Lloyd's car and used J.K. as chain man.  Letter from Sister.  Canned 3 qts cucumbers.





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