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Cliff's Stories



As I remember Terry
By Cliff Woods

When I was a teenager, my first cousin, Terry Roberts came to M.D. Anderson Hospital here in Houston for treatment.  He had Leukemia and came here a number of times. When he wasn't in the hospital he stayed at our house and a few times we were able to spend time...just the two of us.


Terry went through all of the stages that a person does when they know they are dying. There is a point there where you release a LOT of anger.  I tell you this because I think Terry was not a Christian before he had Leukemia. But some time along the way he became a Christian.  Not early on, but during that short time he had. And I guess he knew from what the doctors told him that he might only have months left.


Well, Terry began to try and get all that he could out of life. He never really showed any anger from that point on that I know of. He took an interest in writing and enjoyed it quite a lot. He fought the Leukemia all the way. He volunteered to try some treatments that had never been tried. He never quit living life to the fullest that he could, all the way to his last moment.


I remember that I never could beat him at ping pong. He could put a wild spin on the ball when he served it - IT WAS NOT RETURNABLE!  He was very competitive and he never just LET me win and so I never did. He was too good for me.


Something else I remember is Terry asked me one time who I thought were the 5 most important men to ever live. I gave him several names of famous men and my Dad. Well, then he tells me he saw some talk show host ask CHER that question and she named Jesus first. I've never forgotten Terry asking me that question and feeling some disappointment that I had not thought to name Jesus also.


I can tell you that I thought 28 years-old was a lot older at that time than I do now.  Terry fought his battle all the way but he didn't fight it alone. Jesus was with him. How do I know? Because Terry told me so. Just before he left this world my young teenage self went to see him at the hospital. He was almost gone.


He did not have enough strength left to talk but he raised an index finger and I remember Auntie Sis telling me; he's telling you there is only one way - through Jesus.


I share this with you because I know Terry would share it if he were here. He would want you to know Jesus too and so do I.


Cliff Woods

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