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Mama's Poems



At Christmas in 1965, Mama gave a diary to Kathy and in it she wrote the following poem:

May peace enfold you in her downy wings,

Pure songs around thee weave a fairy spell,

To heaven thy hearts deep longing cling,

and happiness forever with thee dwell.

December 25, 1965


Bessie Edna Brown
1892 - 1966
Mama did not write the following poem, but ran across it and clipped it out because it touched her somehow.  Alongside the title she wrote: "JOHN", and then alongside the poem she wrote: "Elusive and contrary but endeared to each member of the family"!
Somehow I've lost the last line to the poem so I added one of my own.  Bo

Straight From the Horse


Let’s not make fun of that old horse

Because he's weak and slow;

He gained more favor in his time

Than most of us will know.

He won the hearts of all who knew

Him in his better day’s,

And he has earned the right to rest

And reminisce and graze.


He knows the satisfaction of

A full and useful life,

A maximum of gladness and

A minimum of strife,

Of service freely given those

He knew had needed him.

His was a simple way of life;

He also needed them.


If it was shelter that he wished,

Or water, grain, or hay,

The least he should expect to do

Was meet his task each day.

And if he wanted love and praise,

Well, this was simple, too;

That extra effort on his part

Was all he had to do.


He gave the best he had to give,

In weather, foul or fair,

When those he served had need for him,

They knew he would be there.

He was dependable as time,

As sure as rising sun,

And true and honest with his Job

Until he got it done.


He learned what life can hold in store

For willingness and zeal,

How satisfying praise and love

And gratitude can feel.

He had all this and more besides,

To carry in his heart,

And all that had been asked of him,

Was to only do his part!

Author Unknown