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Bo's Poems



The Breaking of the Day


In the quiet of night with not even a breeze

go take a seat way back in the trees

When the dark is darkest just before dawn

And you can be there to see the day come


It is dark and still and you can’t see anything

But suddenly a rustle and a bird is on wing

Then a squirrel barks and runs out on a limb

More movement...a deer…its outline is so dim


But away in the east the sky becomes light

 and signals the soon coming end of the night

as the wonders of nature begin their new day.

There…more deer…two squirrels…a Jay.


There’s sound all about and so much to see

As all of God’s creatures just enjoy being free.

They feed and play and frolic about

God’s hand in nature you will never doubt.


Beyond the trees the sky turns bright

With pink then red, an awesome sight

And night is hidden beyond the trees

As all is stirred by a morning breeze


Now the birds will be singing and flying about

And the glory of it all might make you shout

You will be in awe to see this sight

that few ever see at the end of a night!


The Farmer’s Life


The soil, the seed, the gentle rain,

began the cycle once again

and proved to us as we stood by

The miracle of life from God on high.


And as the young plants grew,

We tilled them as we knew,

and dreamt of harvest in the fall,

that we must have to feed us all.


The crops grew strong as time went by,

but then a drouth and some did die

We fell upon our knees to pray,

Dear Lord we ask for rain this day.


And in the night there came the rain,

God had blessed us once again.

And though the harvest wasn’t yet,

we trusted God that we would get,


at very least enough for now,

and some to save that we somehow,

could make it till another spring

and start the cycle once again!